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08 November 2005



Rod: Stop It!!!!

My coworkers are hooked after seeing me LOL while reading your page. Truly its hilarious stuff, great news that you dont see elsewhere, and when you get bitchy it's superb.

If she's at 2805 now ... lets say 2000?


Rod, you've done it again. Ouch!!!

boogie tonight

instant quote "I wanted to bash his face in with this lamb"... a woman scorned

boogie tonight

oops lamp


good lord, am i the only person who saw that and asked what the hell is her homo ex husband thinking ?
doesnt he know what he is walking into. is he that stupid to think he will have the opportunity to come out the good guy ? new flash, Johnny, you will be made out to be the lying cheating homo husband. i wonder is Terry paying him? i hope so because it wont be a nice visit. secondly, why wear the homo gear ?


My question is why Oprah? She know good and damn well she doesn't go trolling Jerry Springer Show Ideas for hers. It is so obvious sweeps and she bringing these two nutz on to make sure Becky nem remember why we shouldn't be in neighborhood.

The Musical Entertainment is R. Kelly singing Chapters 12-22 with special background singer AL REYNOLDS!

taylor Siluwé

I see why Terry is going on. $$$!!!

But why the hell is Mr. Shoulda Been-Extremely-Flattered-by-the-Casting-of-'Stella...' going up there? Is he a masochist?

Then again, I guess its safe to say that when you get invited on Oprah ... you go. You don't ask questions or quibble over details. Even when its clear that the No Down Low hostess is gonna make a big ol' fool of you.

Sweeps? Well ... I haven't watch Oprah in years. But today, everything stops at 4 o'clock. I couldn't be more interested if she had Star & AL & Al's secret boy toy duckin' it out.

**SIDE NOTE** Has anybody noticed Star's been hitting the pork chops again?


Some of the comments here are as funny as Rod's. I am taking my bets on the Oprah! second annual "my husband was on the downlow and and I am a celebrity" show . My money is on Star and Al (even though she knew about Al). As to why Christopher would go on Oprah to take the abuse... MONEY. I am sure he is getting a good chunk of it too. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't announce they are working on a movie and book package on the show.


I am sorry. I am actually watching the Oprah show with Terry & ex hubby. All I can say is... BULLSHIT! I do not believe neither of them. Bad script for even a worst cast. Don't believe the hype!


This is a crock of bullshit. This really ain't about 'sexuality' - this about a 'dream deferred'. Terry is MAD because when you buy dick, even platinum dick - sometimes right whenn the warranty runs out you find out it's not as glittery as you think (or in his case it's covered in rhinestones).

Why did he sue her? Why do broke broads who come up by marry athletes sue? Because he had become accustomed to a lifestyle that he wanted to maintain - that is such a double standard.

Terry is probably going to stalk his ass - cause she can't believe this happen to her.

Waddie G.

interesting article, my friend...I love your website because you always bring the heat...I taped this show since I am at work all day today, so I am looking forward to watching Terry acting all boughetto (bourgie + ghetto = boughetto) and het ex lying about how long he's been gay.


...just saw it. something is seriously inauthentic here. and it ain't terry or her ex husband. it's oprah.

like many of us, i could've saved terry yeeeeears of turmoil, 'cause when i saw the wedding pictures, i saw terry standing next to a gay boy.

terry's pretended she was finding her soul mate in order not to confront the idea that she's the kind of woman who used her money to buy dick in jamaica.

the husband was pretending he was in love and that he could fuck his homosexuality away.

both had something to prove so as to avoid a hard internal conversation. they were meant for each other!!

the puzzler for me, however is that why, after 20 years on the air tackling issues, oprah's pretending she's shocked and doesn't understand what makes a gay man hide his sexuality from his wife, community and himself. why didn't he know he was gay at 20??? in jamaica?? duh!!! 'CAUSE HE WAS STILL WORKING ON IT, OPRAH HONEY. she still sees MALE villains and innocent, betrayed wives. despite her stance as a humanitarian, oprah seems to have trouble mustering up compassion for men.

i guess when her celeb friends are outted in their scam marriages, she'll pretend to be shocked by that too. "oh, poor star and al." "what can we learn from this, audience?"

at least terry and her ex husband are trying to come out of their self-denial. wassup with oprah?

no wonder reality shows are so popular. people are starving for a moment of authenticity on television - even one that's contrived. at least when somebody puts bugs in their mouth, they're not pretending to be grossed out.



TERRY IS CRACKED OUT--- take it from an ex addict this bitch is high!!! Her expressions, her jaw... practically biting her nails on TV, and her lack of concerntration all point to the pipe .. ewww I got some long forgotten feelings of being up for days just watching her... anyone else notice that????


She is on drugs it seems, or she has tourettes. I feel no sympathy for them displaying ther business out there. What is the desired reuslt of this? How does one heal publically?

That Dude Right There

Before the show, I thought that it was just Terry that is crazy. Now I see that Jonathan is just as crazy as she is!

And keep up the good work Rod. Forget CNN and Entertainment tonight. This is all the news that I need.


my only question is how in the hell did she not know he liked the same thing sexually when she first met him.its so obvious. you can tell he is gay from a mile away

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