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30 November 2005



Not one gay person was interviewed. Almost to be expected, right?


I live just outside Indy.

I consider the Indy Star an abomination - terrible writing, inept journalism, hideous opinion pieces. I am hardly surprised.


This is funny, because if I remember correctly, most of the choir directors and church organist, and ministers of music are flaming sissies. lol we know even the married ones are one step away from wearing a cape and having a head full of finger waves. lol

It is what it is, a show for gathering new members, getting attention, and possibly getting a TV deal with one of the gospel channels. Homoism doesn't affect anybody’s life that doesn't choose to allow it to effect them. When la Quinton and Malique decide to hook up, Jim and Ann lives won’t change one bit. It’s all mind games people. Its is like when the republican’s convinced all those poor people that they were middle class. Only to find out that the middle class were people making 100,000 a yr. If u trick people into thinking they are just like you, u can employ group think and make them think they are better or belong to a group they don’t.


The leaders in Indy can not understand something complicated as homosexuality. I offer to the minister this, "how can you not respect a lifestyle that does not causes harm, yet embraces love for same sex individuals. yet, God never seen or heard - you follow and trust with blinders. I love Jesus so much. And come to love me the same way God loves all his children - righteous and/or sinners that believe.


The rumor that no one from the GLBT community was interviewed is false. Robert Ferguson, president of Indiana Black Pride did get a brief interview here:

We do need your support to get this proposal approved. Support Indiana's equal rights ordinance here:


That was not a "rumor."
Wil's link is to an updated and much more inclusive version of the same story.

The story was originally published without any commentary from gays or supporters.



Thanks for the clarification, Rod.

The current article is a day late and a dollar short. The Indy Star newspaper waited too long to include a somewhat balanced article.

Send a message to the Indianapolis Star to condemn their unfair reporting.

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