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29 November 2005



i also suffered this boring documentary and picked up on the straight boys gay vibe.


He was the only interviewed subjecxt who stripped. It looks very good, but why?

Exhibitionism + Disinterest in Women = BiCurious


I noticed the show when I was flipping through my OnDemand and was kind of embarassed for Kim Cattrall. Some of the lines they had her say were pretty cheesy. But I had no idea it was just released. She looked so good!

Anthony C. Kuykendall

There was some sort of Bi-sexual, Gay drama that was due to come out soon. I don't know the name of it. This Guy meets this other Guy and they start a friendship and something is starting to spark between them. The (first) guy is looking to start his own Medical Practice and the other guy says that he can help get him started. The Girlfriend of Wife discovers through a good female friend of hers that her man is having a Gay encounter. His world is turned upside down when there is a confrontation about her discovery.

I was wondering when the documentary drama comes out and what is the name of it?


Hey Anthony,

The movie you refer to is called "Invisible" and is due out sometime in 2006. Check out the review and trailer at:


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