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01 November 2005



Rod! You outdone yourself. I tune in every morning around this time to see what is new.The review is fabulous. HUNG sounds very subtle, non-pornographic. i remember Scott from VIBE. I will get a copy tomorrow.

When is YOUR BOOK? lol


Personally, size doesn't much matter to me. But its great that someone is admitting that.

Scott's a very good writer, I read his HI FI. He's quite knowledgeable about music.

This really is becoming the best black gay site. Where else can we have conversations on "size" and "literature"? Rod, I almost couln't believe you said 'dick", you not usually so literal.

So is this a thumbs up? lol


Wow i am so glad to see that spbs book is out. It sounds very engrossing. I will try to hear him read. Is he gay or bi? he is cute.


Scott's book is an eye-opener for me. In that it addresses the problem of stereotyping / fixation from the perspective of those who are the object of the practice. If one belongs to some of the "groups" in Yahoo or MSN and reads the "hook-up" pleas from white guys wanting to meet/hook-up with black guys, they almost ALWAYS use the words "big black dick" in their requests, as if nothing else matters...and it probably doesn't to them. HUNG is a fascinating read, and Rod's review is, as always, right on.


As a 'size queen' my damn self (and Rod you're right Tims and sex go together like biscuits and gravy). I might wanna read this, because it does intrigue me the power of the black balls, lol lol

Size doesn't 'matter' but it makes me way less irritable, lol


I'm gonna have to pick this book up.

But connect the dots of this topic with the recent comments of that football coach who wanted more Black athletes "programmed" for speed. The supposition of the "natural born savage" corrolates to this expectation of Black male dick size.

Connect this topic to the fears recently expressed by some in the NBA should one of their own pull a Sheryl Swoopes and come out as gay. What would it do to the straight male psyche to know the powerful Black athlete in the locker next to him (read: hung) is also gay?

Finally, why is Karamo also appearing with Scott at GMAD? Is he hung?


Thanks for the great review, Rod. I would love it for the gay athletes out there to come out - would give the young black single gender loving men something to really look up besides just viewing them as overpaid jocks. Can u imagine what it would do to the physche of some other athletes... lol they would never get blocked out... no one would touch them.. I may go pick up this book and read it Rod makes it sound good.


and let's not forget the many stereotypes about a short, white, balding man w/a pocket protector and a nelly voice, and the way, in fact, that stereotypes of all kinds of people can be very damaging.


Rod. I too feel that your review was well written. I thoroughly enjoy visiting your site on a daily basis. I genuine feel that you present a positive forum for the minority gay community.

Frederick Smith

I'm so looking forward to my copy coming in the mail any day now!

Mark Norris

Thanks for the review. I am actually waiting for the book any day now. Excellent review.


Another amazing review and commentary from you, Rod!


I am really looking forward to being at GMAD tonight, to see SPB and KARAMO, who will have a great dialogue about SIZE MATTERS and MATTERS OF SIZE and SEXUALITY and SOCIALIZATION.

Thanks again Rod, for a smart, thoughtful and well-versed exchange of words with us. GREAT!


I am astounded by the wealth of healthy information every visit to this site. I consider myself a professionally well-rounded individual with all kinds of taste and interest. But this site has added such an enhanced dimension to my reading and interest in what is going on in the world regarding my chosen lifestyle. I am extremely happy to look forward to reading this bit of great literature daily. Your reviews of books I find both interesting and very insightful. I have made wonderful investments in these works and have not been dissatified once. Keep up the good work! I am off to purchase my copy now.


Your review is intriguing and now I think I want to read it. Pornography is the only place where size matters. LOL It's nice to look at, but in the whole scheme of things, it's really not important. But I hate when we are mocked by white men. That whole mandingo complex is so 70s. SMILE

Doug Cooper-Spencer

I ran across this book last week. Had said I might get it, but now, due to ur review, 'wow'! It's really great to see black men extend themselves (no pun intended, believe me!)beyond the usual prosaic commentary on politics and embrace something so adventerous, because the whole matter of black male dominance is probably 'the' most damning political statement going against us/in our favor. It's a fresh idea. I hope it opens the door to many other daring black male writers. Oh yeah, and I will buy my copy. Great review Rod.


Well Rod ... if "[Scott's] writing is precise, at times staccato, other times clearly non-plussed," then how might one describe your own?

I statement: I find your writing terse, yet tergid ... pithy, yet provocative. In a word ... invaginating!

(*and that's quite a compliment, coming from a strictly-dickly type like me!*)

Congratulations on having achieved something no one else has successfully accomplished this entire year ... get me to spend money on a book!

All the best,

Proud In Chicago

Hi Rod,

I appreciate you, your review and your website.

I just wanted to say that I am one of those Brothas who is not packing or laying the pipe. But I am proud to say that I am a Brotha is who is carrying a very nicely made 6 inches. I wish there was more coverage or exposure for smaller endowed Brothas. But for some reason, we choose not to be identified. But I say why not? I hope some of the smaller endowed Brothas will represent as I've done. I would love to hear what some of the other Brothas who are also carrying a little less than the mainstream and what they have to say as well.

Just another Brotha's perspective!

Thank you Rod!

Proud In Chicago

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