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10 November 2005



it's not at 190. i just checked, it's 186. okay, you were right, the shwo basically was an infommercial for the book and upcoming movie. you called that one.


what a difference a day makes, lol. they are laughing all the way to the bank. i bet jonatahn is cashing a check, too.

Andrew Caldwell

Cha-ching! Maybe I should go out and marry some unsuspecting authoress...


Rod, do you remember me? I saw you at the David Barton gym a few months ago and introduced myself? You were so nice and I so love your site. It's just a great mix of news and events, and the occasional silliness and sarcasm that our people are often laughing. When I first discovered your site, to be very honest, I totally did not think that it was written by a brother.

Why don't you post more pictures of yourself?


i hope Johnny got his money up front, because the money shes made from O's show wont be considered marital property and he wont get a share.

Waddie G.

This is just another example of "celebrities" doing desparate things to promote their work. Kudos to Terry!

my truth

Oprah power is not a joke

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