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02 December 2005


patrick s

This preview looks great. The magazine is hot.


you're right, the rupaul doll story does seem fun.

it is good to see that you are keith are working together and so many people are involved in the magazine.


ROd, is it better to subscribe or buy the newsstand copies of a fledgling magazine such as Clikque?

Cleavester Brooks Jr.

Attention all Readers,
It is very important to subscribe and request it at your local bookstore/newstand if they don't carry it. Beacause it is not that often that we as gay black people get a magazine of our own. I remember a few years ago there was a magazine called Arise and it went away cause we didn't support it. Let advertisers know that you read this magazine so it can live for years to come.
Cleavester B.


exactly^^ its well overdue. i plan on subscribing to it


No shade to your sponsor, but for some reason the previews I've seen for the mag have really turned me off to it. I cannot quite put my finger on why I'm feeling it yet...


I think, in my opinion, the magazine is a very fruitful and interesting harbinger of the upcoming, or upcoming out should I say, of black culture. Perhaps a lifestyle magazine with just as much, if not more spunk and sophistication than an issue of Ebony will actually be more of an eye-opener and a prompt for gay black appreciation

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