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08 December 2005



I am waiting on this - well this and Xmen3, lol lol


These nominations are shit. Kanye's album was not that good. And neither was Mariah's. But I keep forgetting that sales equals quality. Geez...wonder why I don't seem to get that.

doc holiday

martha's got a xmas CD? what she doing on it? singing?

kanye needs to get off his high horse. he is talented, but that last album was noting near better than the one before it. i still bump the CD album, but LR gets very little play. plus, it says a lot when he almost went plat in a week, and now he's only got 2 million...if that sales. hmmmm

i wonder how many JL will win, im suprised the Scammys even acknowledged his talent.

boogie tonight

Late Reg is the ish, sorry College Dropout was a snoozefest... all hype... Late Reg gets my vote...


TEVIN is back - HOORAY! x5


Martha Stewart has several Christmas projects out this month; they are "various artist" collections. The jazz CD focsues on, of course, jazz renditions and classics from artists such as Tony Bennett, Duke Ellington, Wynton Marsalis, Grover Washington, Jr., Chick Corea and Louis Armstrong. It's pretty good; gets you in a good mood. But if you are looking for an even better Christmas album, check out that Anita Baker collection called "A Christmas Fantasy" that was recently released on Blue Note. Awesome!

Nathan "Seven" Scott

ooh thanks for the dreamgirls trailer i can't wait to see that... damn they are starting the buzz EARLY!!! it better be good!

thanks rod!

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