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22 December 2005



Glad to see you back in action and up and running. Incredible story of Roy Simmons too.


WELCOME BACK! This is a great story. I remember hearing about Roy comimng out on Donahue, but havent heard what happened to him.

We miss you, but the wait has been worth it. (smile)


That's a truly sad story. It's a shame that most of the black gay athlete coming out stories have been tragic. Hopefully it gets better.

patrick s

Read about his story in the New York Times a few years ago. Its good to see that he is turning his life around.

And welcome back! We missed you. This is a great site.


This is very interesting and very sad; maybe things will become better for gay black athletes.


I was a young and budding professional "in the know" and remember well those days when Roy, et al would travel during football season and sponsor those VVPP (Very, Very, Private Parties). He is not by himself there are many other athletes from the past that are still on the DL. It's good to know that he is still with us and making the grade. For too long black athletes then and now are subject to a vow of silence that usually leads them to destruction in many ways. Hats off to you Roy!!

ROD, where in the HELL have you been?? Did I approve an unscheduled vacation or something??

Missed being superbly INFO TAINED by your luscious magazine.

Happy Holidays to you and all of your readers.


ROD 2.0, Thanks so much for this article on Roy Simmons. Too many of us stay in the closet way too long. How will society learn to deal with this issue if they don't know who and how many are in the struggle.

Reading this article and after watching a re-broadcast of Oprah, last night, I know just what my New Years Resolution is going to be. I've been trapped in the closet too long. It's time for me to be happy.

Continue bringing the truth to the surface. Happy Holidays to all.


Welcome back Rod!!! It's been too long. Isn't this the same Roy Simmons, ex-NFLer who was on the 700 Club earlier this year saying he was "no longer gay"? I guess the money from a book deal is very enticing.

Marcus Wes

I have had
Sex with big TV star's
& Movie star
over pass 10 years
a total of five guys

Nathaniel  Barnes

We DO need to talk!
You've inspired me ( now it IS my turn to inspire you).
email me ... please



I might have to check that book out...


Unfortunately, another story of a Black Man....who comes out but was "molested and abused"....

Randy Boyd

Rod, thanks for highlighting Roy's book. His story is crucial to the American experience. It is time the world heard from black men, and from men in sports who love other men, and hear us loud! Our stories and hearts and dreams have just as much worth as the stories, hearts and dreams of the rest of the world. Touchdown.


you are a true hero. Love your story. maybe we can talk over coffee.


courtney whitaker

To whom it May Concern.

I thought that I had sent you an important email regarding Brian Pumper's new ambitions and contact numbers. I want to know if you are interested in interviewing him. You won't have to pay me...but you will have to pay him. He is trying to market his music cd and his new self-directed films. The attention from fan clubs are flattering but not helping to finance his dreams. It is time to for him to reveal things for a fee. Hey...we all need money!


simply the best site i have been on in a long time


Did you all not see his conversion to Christianity and his touting now being an "ex-gay" at the 700 club website?


Roy Simmons' secret lifestyle is a classic case of bisexuality, not homosexuality as depicted in all the articles and his own account. The articles reported very clearly and consistently his former sex life with both genders.
Account of his conversion to Christianity can be found at:
Perculiar to note Phil Donohue's description of Roy as one who is "now and always has been gay", thus setting off the confusion that Roy is considered "gay" instead of bisexual; and that Roy is still "gay" (not "ex-gay" as reported) even after his conversion to Christianity.

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