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13 December 2005



Whoever thinks Morehouse doesn't have a disproportionate gay population is deluded. I can't remember ever not thinking Morehouse and gay black men go together naturally.

Everytime I have met any contingent of Morehouse men at conferences, about half have been gay. I have good gay friends that attend Morehouse and they tell me my assumptions are right - lots of queens.

However, the majority of guys at the school are straight. It's anything BUT a gay school. It's even sort of forbidden for Morehouse men to date each other.


I completely agree that the homophobia at Morehouse is directed at openly gay students, or students who more fit the stereotype of gay men.

That's why I left the Da House and enrolled at the University of TN.

When I moved back to ATL after graduation, though I dated a lot of Morehouse guys. I guess it's like Black culture in general, as long as you can pass and have all of the accoutrements of straight men, then you're OK -- the problems arise when you are vocal and comfortable with your homosexuality. That's my opinion.

It took me years to get over some of the things that were said to me at Morehouse, and for a long time I felt that the chance to graduate from a HBCU was stolen from me.

But -- I got over it and just regard it as one of the many experiences of my youth.


who ever thought 'the house' wasnt homo ville is crazy. there are stories about the library and the guys having sex in it. the professors who have sex with the students and even the story about the boy being beat up, has had several 'different versions' i know i have met the lasgest group of homos who were morehouse alums, futher more kappa morhaouse alums are 150% gay.


I hope this guy watches it. He says some pretty LIBELOUS things that could get him in trouble. Not saying any of it is false. In fact, I have no reason to not believe him. I did not go to MOREHOUSE...mainly out of fear I'd never make it class cuz I'd be to busy boy watching....among other things....lol. But....it's one thing to talk about your experiences as a studnet with other students. He implicates faculty and staff too....some so descriptive that those who'd know would know who he was referring too. He needs to keep it more broad so MOREHOUSE will have nothing to stand on if they catch wind of it.


I hope this guy watches it. He says some pretty LIBELOUS things that could get him in trouble. Not saying any of it is false.

If it's not false (i.e. the truth), then it can't be libelous. You cannot be sued for telling the truth.


What I speak of is true. I have no reason to lie. Those situations, just didn't happen to one student, it happen to many. Furthermore, the sex with the professor happened to 3 brothas during different decades. I could go into serious detail, but I wont.

Most brothas first introduction to Morehouse, Clark, Morris Brown, Spelman, and etc. was thru freak nik. Those schools had functions and the homos were out. That is why ATL became the blk same - gender loving capital of the world. LOL

As a matter of fact, where I went to school the same type of things happened mostly with teachers and young females. The library bathroom on the 3rd floor was were the homos hooked up. I didnt know this was going on until i was like a jr or senoir. I never really went to the 3rd floor, must less its men's bath room. But i guess thats why i didnt get in while in college. lol Nobody was every up there until exam time, where study group meetings were held there. The whole floor smelled like old books and had dim lights. But now that I think about it, that's why they went up there. lol


So there's quite a bit of same-sex activity at the House. At what college isn't that true? College is a time of sexual experimentation, Morehouse is no different.

As for the more salacious parts of Karsh's podcast, my advice would be to not believe everything you hear and only half of what you see.


There maybe more gays at Morehouse but that's only because it's a all male school. Duh!!! But I'm sure the level of sexual activities are the same as other campuses. News flash!! Most teens and men in there early twenties will have sex!! I don't think homos are the only ones that have sex in unusual places like the bathroom.
I also find it interesting that no one is talking about the Morehouse student that a bunch of homos in Atlanta tried to get hang by claiming he was the next Martin Luther King.


Thanks, Rod, for talking about my recent podcast series; the response I've gotten from readers of your site about it has been tremendous. Everything from congratulations to death threats. I guess the truth really still riles people up. But you know...that's life, and that's how it was for me at the 'House. All the naysayers should love Part 4 coming up on Sunday. ;)


Like others have commented, the basic idea that homosexual activity occurs (or is prevalent) at Morehouse is a no-brainer. It's really no secret, anymore, I guess. So much the better! I too am not sure exactly how revealing the nature of game at Morehouse makes what happens there any different, special, or significant than homosexual activity at other HBCUs or colleges. I also agree that Krash's commentary needs to be taken with an extreme measure of doubt. I’m sorry, but it sounds to me that the brotha “ain’t got all.” I understand that Krash has been “blogging” for some time now. But listening carefully to his stories, I noticed many contradictions and too many what-the-f**k situations, which a young, gay, promiscuous, disgruntled, jobless, recent college graduate could make up to get attention, validation, and "support." (One brief example is his Alabama mother, [to whom he never us tells how he reveals his sexuality] doesn't care that he was kicked out of his dorm after he is accused of credit card fraud involving his access to gay chat rooms because she's off in Europe (Belgium or Amsterdam) married to her third husband? WTF!!!) Just because Krash’s exploits seem to be the stories that no one wants to tell and everyone wants to believe, it doesn’t make them true. Although I don’t support anyone making death threats against the brotha for his blogcast, I do think Krash needs to think maturely about how he may be threatening his own reputation and future with the unconfirmed, incredible claims he appears to be making in his blogcasts.


It amazes me that people are constantly trying to harp on one aspect of an institution that is steeped has a long tradition of producing successful black men -- gay or not! Sex goes on everywhere, and of course there is homosexuality at Morehouse. But I've found gays at the mall, in church, and even at the grocery store. Why not focus on the real purpose of the institution -- to be one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation and provide a top notch education to its students. And I think they are doing a pretty good job of that.


If the institution is not supporting one of its communities (the gay student community)and making the campus a safe learning environment for all, then it is failing. In order to truly rank amongst all the best liberal arts colleges (not just the hbcu's), the college must realize it is a diverse campus, embrace the diversity, and educate students, faculty, staff, and alumni that all of it's students are to be respected and valued.


Most HBC's do the same thing Moorehouse does though I have to say I went to Howard in the 90's and even then we had a club for gay students, even though there was a strong homophobia amongst the student body the school was tolerent as a whole, I never heard of any gaybashing and never experineced either while attending Howard. We better than Moorehouse anyway LOL HU!!!!!


I do think that Morehouse supports all of its students. However, the aim of the institution is to educate students, and prepare them to be future leaders (whatever their sexual orientation). Of course their are some students that are homophobic -- this exists everywhere -- but I think that overall the faculty and staff is very supportive of all students. They may have denied it for a while, but I have found that this is true throughout the black community. They have realized, however, that now they need to be even more proactive. And Carlos -- you have to be able to spell Morehouse to be better than them (LOL)!


This doesn't surprise. "All men's college," c'mon man.


my cousin and i attended and graduated from morehouse. we studied our asses off. we saw things, but because our dads were alumns, we kept our mouths sealed. it was not until we both went to harvard business school we had our first same sex black experience with other elite blacks from bsu. go figure.

Morehouse College Alumni for Truth

At Morehouse College, the amount of sex between guys in the frats was unbelievable. I mean, I thought that sort of thing was frowned upon amongst fraternities, but not at Morehouse College. At least three of the major Morehouse College fraternities were literally chock full of gay guys, who would often have full-out orgies at various spots on campus or elsewhere. One Morehouse College fraternity got booted off the yard after it was discovered that the organization's intake director was having a sexual relationship with a propsective member, and was believed to have been exploiting that relationship for sexual favors. I am sure many people have regretted attending Morehouse College because of the level to which the gay guys, in fraternities and elsehwere, had to be pandered to if one wanted to be successful at Morehouse.



Is it just me...or does the Alpha Chapter at Morehouse seem gay?? Watchig them on Youtube..I was like...grosssss

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