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12 December 2005



Burn in hell Tookie... you show no remorse and can't even admit to any wrong doing.

You have made everyone's life in the inner city miserable.

doc holiday

i agree...eye for an eye...fuck the good shit he was trying to do when he was locked up.
u kill...u die....its not rocket science.


In the end, we all have to answer to one person. Sin is sin and no one sin is bigger than the other. Let's keep that in mind while we are bashing Tookie.


I never wrote a letter to a letter until i did to schwarzenegger (sp?) urging him NOT to grant clemency. I get so tired of black folks following misdirected cause. My grandma lives in Watts and Mr. Smiths action create a environment of fear despaif for the Blak people of US that continues. He reaped what he sowed.


I am against the death penalty in principle but this case is NOT the best example as to why it should be abolished...he was clearly a menace.


The one who forgives is always great.God is always merciful and see what we are doing, even if its hide from the world. I think stanely Tokie William has accpeted his sins and showed regret on what he did.Thus, it was unjustified to excuite him.I do have to say that he will be true example of human kind, his books will lead the light of peace in heart of every child

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