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27 January 2006


boogie tonight

i would like to see the Oprah after the show of this show, Rod can you get a recap?


i love tyler perry. i look forward to the movie. i hope its as good as it looks and does well at the box office because tyler deserves it


Tyler, please stop with the "I am waiting on a woman" schtick. You know you ripped Madea off of Ms. Sophia from all those Monday nights you would catch the ATL-legend hosting the drag show at Traxx. Looks like Madea's dresses aren't alone in Tyler's closet. I will give Tyler credit for providing the best eye-candy in his flicks.

Mark Norris

Red Light!!!!!! Terrell Carter was in Madea's Class Reunion, and Meet The Browns not Madea's Family Reunion. I have been a Tyler fan from almost the beginning. Check it out.

Good stuff Rod as always. Besides the mistaken identity you are right on target as usual. You actually answered the questions me and my sister were trying to figure out. Who was live and who was taped. It makes sense that Tyler part was taped and edited in during the Madea interview.


a thomas c

personally, i think the entire interview with dude was lackluster at best...

perry bores me...

Mr. Prince

It was interesting to watch the BBM part, because at the beginning you could tell she was going to go for her pantented "Gay married man" routine, but after one question, she backed off? I don't know, I'm dissapointed in you Oprah; I mean you're Oprah!!! you should know better.


Mr. Prince, What do you expect? Tyler is not giving Oprah a book/movie deal like Terry "Scary" McMillian and her ex Jonathan.

Ever wondered why Oprah is a pantheist, because her God is Money and she's a capitalist cunt.


I cannot wait to see "Madea's Family Reunion." I hope that it will be as funny, if not funnier, than the previous installment.

Major H.

Mr. Tyler, keep up the great work. I really enjoyed Madea's Family Reunion it was a "BLAST". I hope one day you will make a movie Medea's military stories. Soldiers, needs something funny relating to the military for a moral booster. Furthermore, I will make sure my soldiers will buy your videos from the "STORE". Have a Bless day and thanks again.

tyler jones

you guy's really need 2 know your real t if tyler stole it from sophia who did she steal it from ask around who was doing granny hightower before sophia www.comedianpt.com check her out
miss sophia stole that from her pt ws working at the clun metro b4 sophia got thier

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