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20 January 2006


a thomas c

yeah man...i went last night to the social and today to hear shaprton...tomorrow i'll be in the house to hear flunder...i LOVE flunder...i met her in march 2005...she is the BEST...

they put together a good program for this weekend...a really good program...


I couldn't help but be impressed with Sharpton's words. Indeed, he has come a long way. The black church has been such a fundamental part of the black community, its foundation for so long in a sometimes hostile world outside. It is time to embrace "all" its members and build on mutual interest like Sharpton said. With all my heart, I want to see more black gays and lesbians welcomed into the black church. What a united front can accomplish is perhaps boundless.

a thomas c

flunder was SOOOO great today...


When is the conference coming to New York City...very interested in participating in the movement to combact hompphobia.

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