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04 January 2006


markus (aka darkmanjah)

Like brothers here in this pathological culture called America, it seems them brothers in Jamaica are, too, dealing with a masculinity so fragile that the mere presence of a gay brother threatens, collapses it. Who wants a manhood constructed upon such a fragile foundation, that it is threatened, not by our TRUE enemies, but by someone who looks like you and only wants to be able, like you, to love freely whomever willing to love us back?
My Jamaican brothers pleeeeze! What is ya'll smokin'over there, the white man's twisted sense of what constitutes civilization? What is so civilized about denying another brother (!) the natural freedom to live his life fully? That ain't civilization, that's decadence. Wake up! If the only criterion for being a Blackman is that u b exclusively attracted to females, when it should, within the context of white supremacy, be one's willingness to be openminded and participate in liberation struggle, then we need a new masculinity, cause this one ain't workin' in our interest at all. In the enemies interest, yes! You fools take black life, and they (the enemy) benefits! To the enemy, all brothers, regzrdless of sexual orientation, is weak and effiminate and depoliticized and worthy of death, if not by their hands, then by our own. Wake up!

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