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17 January 2006



I'm watching the interview now. Both actors are very intelligent. And hot!



haven't seen this movie yet, but if you say it's decent I'll check it out. it's weird that this brother is australian. he lost his accent for the film, it seems.


I don't know anymore. I am tired, confused, and angry.

Why is it the movies depicting black gay men loving other black gay men rarely reach or take so long to reach the distribution phase for purchase by interested consumers like me? The most obscure gay movies showing white male couples are practically in the stores ready to purchase as soon as production ends on the set!

Of course, there was the independent film Brother to Brother. It found distribution into the consumer market fairly easily. But, if the film had not been so fulsome with images of black men chasing white men, preferring white men, would it had been so readily available for purchase as it is now? I supported this film and will continue to support the work by any black gay director and writer. Still,......

To be fair, Richard Bruce Nugent did favor white men in his life and work, so, the film was accurate from this perspective. It was fair to portray Nugent's doppelganger in the film, Perry, with the same sexual proclivities in men. (Though it was never shown in the film, Langston Hughes favored black men, especially those very handsome and dark brothers.)

Black gay film producers, writers, and directors, gay people of color period, deserve to have their work distributed and made available for purchase just as much as their white peers in the business.

Is it offensive and less profitable to have black gay men express love toward one another in mainstream gay film and deal with certain experiences unique to them? Is it automatically assumed by distribution companies which market dvds that only black gay men loving white gay men is profitable and more acceptable?

Equality, where is thy sting?

I want the opportunity to purchase the DL CHRONICLES, to purchase ON THE LOW, to purhase NOAH'S ARC, to purchase my favorite film, LOOKING FOR LANGSTON. Interestingly enough, LOOKING FOR LANGSTON is a celebration of black gay men loving one another.


Is there a list of all of the nationwide venues in which the Chronicles will be shown? Is it currently available for purchase on video?


my only question is why does the movie have the title dl in it


Saw the trailer. It looks like it's going to be pretty good.


I have it on DVD..Its the bomb, especially the 2nd segment. It's like 'mmm I know those people'. As a matter of fact a few friends will be looking at it this weekend..I've told many of the brother's to support it..All that did really liked it. We are waiting on the sequel...Hurry !


Does anyone wonder if Ty Vincent is related to Mark Vincent aka Vin Diesel?

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