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22 January 2006


hot lunch

i don't watch DH but i'm surprised to hear that they didn't touch upon the race issue earlier. isn't that one of the main storylines whenever a person of colour is involved? i guess it's kinda nice to think that perhaps it isn't an issue but if it is, why wait till now to address it? I watched an episode of The Book of Daniel and I liked that they're addressing the Asian guy/white girl relationship with her parents not wanting "little Oriental children running around." lol! At least there's no big jade elephant in the middle of that room!!


And he's kinda cute, he can jump in my bed anytime

a different perspective

Mehcad Brooks was on an episode of "The View" (yes, I've watched the show, lol)and he stated that he is very uncomfortable being on camera with his shirt off and that it is one of the biggest things that he dreads or worries about when he comes to work on the set for Desperate Housewives. That the producers are going to ask him to do a scene with his shirt off.

Maybe the producers and Mehcad have agreed not to show his full torso on camera since he is so uncomfortable with the idea, and not what you suggested as a possible reason.

Don't aske me why he is so uncomforable, ask him!!


He is one piece of eyecandy. I hope we get to see a lot more of him (shirtless would be nice, preferrably nude) in movies. He is starring now in 'Glory Road'.


first off, i love this whole story line. finally the Applewhites are actually interesting to me. i love the way the writers dumped this situation in the van de kamp camp (tee hee). bree is the poster child for repressed WASPs everywhere. i mean, she clearly asked, "is that a BLACK man under your bed?" and with the skeletons that she has from last season...let me just say it again. i love it

Mr. Prince

Althought that may be the truth, the race issue, I'm going to keep an open mind and think that the reaction was just because she had a boy in her bedroom.

and Although I love the AndrewxJustin relationship, I hate andy's attitude


I Love the show-It's about time that we of color can be seen as equals-and even give Bree a run for her money in who can upstage whom-did you see the last scene where she lets Bree know about her secret? LOL don't mess with a Sista...Letting them know I have every right to be here in Wisteria Lane...


Finally! Storyline IS getting more interesting. I, too was disappointed when they only showed a short bust shot of Mehcad. It "looked" out-of-sync with the rest of the story. I would have expected a medium shot of Matthew and Danielle. I really would like to find out why Mehcad is uncomfortable with his shirt off, as "A different perspective" suggests.


i wont to know that is this episod.... cuse i never had seen before.....

Web Designer

I agree with Jimmy!

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