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22 January 2006



I swear I will CUT Danielle if she don't back the hell up. I love me some Mechad...and yes my DVR is set for DH even though I'ma be watchin at 8p (you just never know what could happen to make me miss it). And how in the hell did I miss Mechad on The View...I watch it almost everyday. Damn.


I cant wait to see Mechad shirtless tonight..I hope it will be longer than a sec. I did see the preview of it for this week. Im going to tape this one for sure.. Rod,I hope you can caption the pic for this week so we can save it to our screen savers.



I kinda thought you had given up on D.H., Rod. Glad to see you're still with it. I'm hoping we'll see more shirtless scenes. Remember if you ever miss something, I can probably supply the cap. Rod 2.0 Beta is a whole new kind of amusement park, museum, library and magazine all rolled into one. Once you start reaing, you just keep wanting to see what's next. Congrats! You've really got it going.

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So never miss such thing again.

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