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13 January 2006



I have always loved LL. The love grew greater over the years.

His 38th birthday is tomorrow.


LL has me droolin
The man is Phyne


I liked him better before he lost all that weight for his "10" album. He still hot though, and he could still get it.


I would lick his sweat lol.


Oh, my, my, my, my, my, my, , my, my!


whenever wherever whatever...let me leave all my numbers call me!


It's funny because before the rumors about him being the gay rapper (which I believe) I used to dig LL. Actually I remember reading his BIO some five years back, and all the talk about his sexual addiction and how he use to get off (j/o in back ally's) used to turned the sh** out of me. I guess it was the sexual adventurous straight black rapper thing. Now I'm just like, ummm is ok.

rod townsend

LL is younger than me. But I still see him as such a total daddy.


LL is Bisexual and has slept with a couple of guys I know (Long time ago). They both said he is a very nice person. I'm glad he still raps and acts. I wish he would get better acting parts, but its hard enough for plain black actors to get good parts so its probably good he has his Music as well. Keep going LL!


LL is and always has been the one guy that I have had mad fantasies about. My friends used to laugh at me back in the day drooling over that young Kangol wearing thug...but look who's drooling now!


There are no words to describe this phyne speciman of a man!!


ll is a legend and he deserves all the good things that are happening to him now


I didn't start to like LL as much as I do which is a lot until In Da House on TV. I liked him as a rapper but as an actor he really grow on me. I like the charaters he play. When I saw him at the hip hop summit it confirm why I like him. He is beautiful inside and out. The brotha is someone I would like to have in my life.


Good looking guy. He's been around, it seems, forever. Still hasn't aged a day, in my humble opinion.


I never really became a big fan of LL until he acting career kicked off. I used to watch his tv series faithfully and DELIVER US FROM EVA (my favorite movie) is still a constant must-see in my house. I can't believe that he is turning 38. I've assumed he may have been younger than that but he sure doesn't look like it. He is still sexy.

Has anyone seen him in LAST HOLIDAY with Queen Latifah? It is a really good movie with a very powerful message. Ya'll should check it out.

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