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10 January 2006



In my opinion the Black gay community is already Stigmatized and it is not our purpose to pass judgement on a young black man who decided to do the unthinkable in the black entertainment industry- I salute him in his endeavour to reach out to his gay fans- and if he is gay-straight-bi- or even crazy that is his business and his alone- I feel that in time the truth will come out- but it's not our call- 50cents Ja Rule DMX- all of them are homophobic punks if U ask me hears a young man who dared to be different who dared to embrace his fan base as a whole most of the black youth that buy their albums are in fact GBLT but yet they ignore that fact- when it comes down to it, it's all about peer pressure it's funny how the "Supposed" to be tough grown ass men still are afraid of what others think -if they were truly what they claim to be- they should step up and do what is right- It's a shame that some of them don't know that their attitude affects their children and that child will grow up continuing this ever growing ignorance and intolerability that they themselves were taught- and it would be a sad twist of fate if 50 cents sun turned out to be gay then what- Raz B(De'Mario) has brought light to a situation that has been in a shroud of darkness for too long and it's sad that he has to be ridiculed for doing something so brave and daring- by his fellow artist who are too afraid to say I'm secure in my sexuality to perform for a gay audience and since 50 says he's all about the money then why is it that he's giving money a sexuality? ignorance is so bliss but Thank U Raz B for being a beacon of hope in the Black Gay community as well as the white- I wish U the best in your conquest and clearings.

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