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23 February 2006



Hilarious and painful Rent review. also glad to see you up and about. Cheers.


Taye Diggs is NOT interesting. Why you wasting so much space on this dude? Nobody cares

taylor Siluwé

whoe (boy) ...

ease up on Taye. How many black male actors would kiss a man on-screen? he's got ballz and I love him to death. and no matter what you say, you wouldn't kick him outta bed.


I just came off a cruise which spent one day in Jamaica. I have to admit, against my will, I've become intoxicated with the place and its vibe.

I would love have a seat across the street from its 'Brokeback' screening. I met some desperately-DL homos in Ft. Lauderdale who wouldn't go to see the movie because there were too many 'fag-types' on the line.

Now ain't that some shit?

hot lunch

Rent the movie was definitely pretty dry and hard to sit through, but i think the stage musical still has strong legs to stand the test of time. takes you back to a certain time and place, even though yes the times have changed...


RENT is my favourite film... I thought it was fantastic!
And anyway, Idina beats Taye any day! :D

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