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06 February 2006


Roger Pollard

Unfortunately, these statistics are true not only in New York but throughout the United States. As long as it is us and not them, why should they be concerned?


Same gender loving people of color must refocus our energy on things that matter to us. There is so much energy focused on gay marriage, when they know as well as I know, before they will allow two men to marry down south, there will sooner be a picture of a black Jesus hanging in a Lutheran church.

A few yrs ago I read that the life expectancy of a black man was 64 years, I don't want to see what it is now, because its probably 55 or 60. We can’t spend our time and energy on issues that effect the larger community, and leave issues that affect us right now alone. We are the ones who are dying. Who will we marry if most of us are dead? I will be posting these articles in my groups, because knowledge is power and it’s my duty to dispel the Willie Lynch theory.

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