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27 February 2006



Any opportunity to show the world the loveliness of my future husband HENRY SIMMONS is a delight!

You better be glad I can't post pics here, but I would show you just how exquisite this lovely piece of black male pultritude is. GOD WASN'T PLAYING WHEN GOD MADE HENRY SIMMONS!!!!!

Thanks for showing this brother some love...YOU KNOW WE SHARE A SIMMONS SYNERGY!


Any opportunity to show the world the loveliness of my future husband HENRY SIMMONS is a delight!

You better be glad I can't post pics here, but I would show you just how exquisite this lovely piece of black male pultritude is. GOD WASN'T PLAYING WHEN GOD MADE HENRY SIMMONS!!!!!

Thanks for showing this brother some love...YOU KNOW WE SHARE A SIMMONS SYNERGY!


Thanks for posting a pic of Henry Simmons..That man is FYNE. I cant get enough of him...

IF you have any pic of him...please post em here please


I've come to the strangest conclusion that there are so many haters out there on our very own people, its ridiculous. Even worse to note that blacks are worse on one another these days.

I celebrate Tyler for taking a good-humored, spiritual film dealing with social issues, family matters and serious day-to-day dillemas to the Box Office. If they sold out for the stageplays, we knew they had the potential to do the same at the Box Office. I'm glad to see yet another success story.

Oh yeah, Rod. I thought u was loving the Tyler Perry plays at one time. What happened?

Mark Norris

Amen Dante. I keep hearing about Tyler Perry constantly telling gay jokes and I have all the plays and then some. I have only seen and heard of two times. One while teasing Brown, as Madea always does, about being a "tamborine player" and in the PLAY Madea's Family Reunion, Madea asks Vicky if her boy is still playing with Barbie dolls. We all know that there were those grand mothers and great grandmothers who did this time of joking and enquiring. Doesn't mean that Tyler is "gay-bashing". I know that this wasn't said in the post but that is what seems to be insinuated.

But, what was posted and stood out was you making a point to high light something and someone who should have had more screen time in the movie. Henry "Seems To Get Better With Time, Simmons. Is it me or does this man get finer, and finer, and finer every damn time I see him in something. I notice this in Are We There Yet. He had that small part at the beginning and I was like, damn what is going on with this brotha.

We need to see more of this man,,,,whew!!!! I have gotten myself all hot and bothered now.



This is Rod.

The Tyler Perry plays are quite enjoyable because of Tyler Perry's improv skills as Madea and the incredible muiscal performances. The screen adaptations have not featured those elements. It's extremely difficult to improvise a movie script with the same timing as you would before a live audience. Plus, the scripts of both movies featured over-produced plots. Maybe what made Madea so fun was the bare-bones staging and story. By the way, the exact same comments were made regarding "Rent" last week and that prcatically flew by everyone.

Secondly, it's very simplistic and petty to automatically label someone who disgrees with something a "hater." That implies that others cannot have independent thought processes. Just because we're black does not mean that we have to agree on everything. That's insulting.

That being said, let's stick to the topic: why are many black Christian audiences so comofortable with a "straight" man in a dress who stole his act from an Atlanta drag queen? You've addressed everything but the topic.

Roger Pollard

I am not at all surprised at George 2 appointing Herbert Lusk to the AIDS Advisory panel. After all, isn't this the same idiot who appointed an inept horse-show judge as director of FEMA? His limited mental capabilities never cease to amaze me.


How can one not see all the MALE EYE CANDY in his movies and not make a plausible assumption that this TYLER PERRY is GAY!!!???

You got BLAIR UNDERWOOD, BORIS KODJOE, HENRY SIMMONS(for no good reason...but I'm glad he was there), the shirtless cut basketball players, and all them SHIRTLESS BUFF ANGLEIC TRUMPET BLOWERS at the wedding.

Come on....


Lusk has no experience in public health or AIDS issues.

Rod, you have this wrong:





^^^thank you. i love me some tyler perry. he is truly talented and he deserves all the success that comes his way but you'd have to be in denial to not know he is gay lol

taylor Siluwé

Whether or not Tyler stole Media is irrelevant. 'Cause if he did, he took it to a new level. And bless him for it.

I have yet to see a Tyler movie, but have seen almost all the plays and own most. Tyler Perry is an amazing talent, whether he borrowed bits and pieces of his act or not ... all artists and performers 'borrow' from others. Hell, just ask Kanye. But if they take to the next level ... then they've made it their own.

As for the topic at hand, why are black Christians comfortable with THIS PARTICULAR man in a dress? Well, 'cause they're fulla shit, that's why.

The same ones who pretend that Tyler Perry isn't GAY GAY GAY ... pretend that that big ol' queen Hezekiah Walker isn't GAY GAY GAY ... and they are also the reason we've got that mumble-mouthed asshole in White House again. Everytime this President spits on the constitution, or embarasses the country on the world stage ... blame those moronically short-sighted black Christians.

Right now, as far as I'm concerned, those black Christians, who are so easily blinded and dazzled by the light (any ol' light) ... can collectively kiss my black ass.


Tyler Perry's not gay? Coulda fooled me.


Tyler Perry's not gay? Coulda fooled me.


I don't know if Tyler got his idea for Madea from Ms. Sofia, because I've never seen the show in which Tyler is being accused of idea stealing from. I do know that Tyler has been doing his thing and he has blessed the masses with this Madea character. He also says that his inspiration for her came from his aunt and mother.If Sofia feels strongly that Tyler ripped her off she should do what Americans do and sue. If she doesn't want to go to those extremes at least set the record straight with a one on one interview. They both live in Atlanta and she is a radio personality that's on Mon.-Fri.. Hook it up. I love me some Sofia I listen to her every morning on V to the 1-0-33333333333333333333(as she says), but until that happens I will believe that Tyler got the idea from his aunt and mother.

As far as church folks following him as a straight man playing a woman, please. Those church folks ain't blind. I'm sure they suspect as WE do, but as long as he ain't saying nothing and there is no proof they will continue to support him. That's just how church folks do. Closing, I'm not saying that Tyler is gay, because only he, God & the person/people, he is sleeping with know the truth. Everything else is just speculation.


Black Christians... slaves to their own minds...


Most Christian peoole know in their heart Tyler Perry is gay. But they prefer his brand of entertainment versus the violent and godless entertainment that is constantly being shoved down their throats by the networks.

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