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07 February 2006



Thanks so much for this live blog. I'm at work and cannot watch this TV. tHis is great.


Do you have a screen shot of GWB at 1:16 PM on CNN reading through a magazine or something while the mayor of Atlanta was talking. It was rather disturbing that him and Mrs. Bush weren't even listening.


It looks like it is the funeral program. But still, pay attention to the mayor, not read the program.


Thank God for C-SPAN. CNN keeps breaking away. C-SPAN is providing wall-to-wall coverage.


Please tell me they didn't let Bush speak?


My hope is that some of the people eulogizing Mrs.King who have opposed gay rights in general and turned their backs to acknowlege the identity and contributions of black gays specifically will wake up! Mrs. King carried on her husband's work of equality for all people, not for some people.

Rosa Parks, now Coretta Scott King, an era, the symbols of an era, the activism of era has passed. I am a little worried. I fear complacency because we still have a ways to go. I cannot say with confidence we are there yet because while things have changed significantly, they have not changed completely (a barometor within the gay community is the racism ,AND, the low self-esteem and self-hate among a number black American and Latino American men of African descent who feel "white is right" in whatever context).

patrick s

it does seem ironic that bush would speak, seeing that coretta and martin were dedicated to peace and nonviolence and george w. bush is a warmonger. but he is the president.

great idea on the live blog post. it looks like you took a break for lunch which is okay. :)) good job!


Rod, the praise is sincere. Thank you for re-caps!


its a shame that such a hypocrite, ted kennedy, was a speaker for this funeral. he is shameful.


I am grateful to have witness the service. It was monumental. However, I found Joseph Lowery's comments and George Bush Sr. retort (as true as Joseph Lowery's comments were) to be of poor taste.


Great recap... I'd really like to hear your take on the eulogy that Bernice King delivered. I realize that there are some "differences of opinion" concerning the "King camp" vs. the "Operation New Birth" camp.

I personally agree with Bernice King in all she had to say. I thought it to be a powerful statement of both truth and love. More than anything, I belive that she underscored the question... WHAT WILL YOU DO? That so frequently we heard echoed through the various speaches.


Oh, I wish, how I WISH Black people would STOP calling Bill Clinton the "first Black president" and remember that this was the SAME man whose administration debated the definition of the word "holocaust" as an excuse to pull troops out of Rwanda when we had the power to stop the atrocity that took place and save MILLIONS of lives.


Kim Pearson

Fabulous recap. Glad you got Bro. Jelani in there. He is a phenom, you're right. I had it on from work via video stream so I missed much of it as well. What I find interesting is that people got up in arms about the political content of what Lowery and Carter said, but totally missed the political nature of Maya Angelou's remarks. And fwiw, I don't think what they said was in poor taste. They spoke truth to power, as they always have. As for Teddy Kennedy, his brother eulogized Martin; it was only fitting to have him speak.


i love Mrs.Coretta Scott King so much that i called her my own mother. i went to her funeral i was scared to see my mother because i loved her so much. she will be missed

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