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08 February 2006


Roger Pollard

The power of the almighty dollar. Don't give us equal rights, but take our money!


It's my body, my life, and ultimately my responsibility to protect myself. Why should the U.S. government subsidize the health of people who choose to put themselves at risk?

Wanda James

To John: Obviously you never lost nobody to this horrible disease! If you had you wouldn't be so heartless! THIS DISEASE IS KILLING PEOPLE EVERYDAY. WAKKE UP!


Actually, my uncle died of complications from the AIDS virus August 7, 2004. He had a drug habit. In the US, people primarily contract the disease through drug use and unsafe sex. Is this news in 2006? Having watched several people I care about die from this disease, I don't wish it on anyone. That said, to a large extent the life we live is shaped by the choices we make. If a man chooses to have unprotected sex with someone that he can't trust to be honest about his status, or hasn't known long enough to feel comfortable to ask, and contracts HIV that's an issue that no president - even a competent one - can solve.


actually, john. if we eradicate the disease, then the problem can be solved. with 40 million dead and millions dying each year, i can't imagine how you don't see this as a governmental problem. by your logic there should be no drug treatment centers, no obesity or eating disorder clinics, no homeless shelters, no help at all for those in need.

i can understand your frustration and your anger, but it's not realistic to expect that everyone is going to find that one and only true storybook romance, court, commit, get tested, wait, THEN have sex before each and every sexual encounter. if you've found that, then that's just terrific for you, and i hope you don't ever make any mistakes. EVER.

also addiction is yet another horrible disease, and is extraordinarily difficult to control, manage or "cure." it is NOT a character flaw. unfortunately your fear and frustration has led you to an unsympathetic, darwinistic view of the world and has clouded your compassion. "Let Them Die" is not an effective public health policy.


John's offensive comments have been removed, and also, no offense to Wanda or anyone else, the responses.

Sometimes its best to just ignore ignorance and don't feed the trolls. ;)

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