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17 February 2006



Oooooooooh, the right-wing Christian bastahds are making me angrier ever day!!!!! I can't speak for any 2,000 year old prophets, but I KNOW Jesus would welcome love in all its incarnations...damn all who use his teachings to hate...thanks for letting me rant, just a little.

Michael-Vincent Crea

21 February 2006
41st Anniver. of the Assassination
El Hajj Malik Shabazz/Malcolm X RIP

Peace, Rod!

'Condoms On Catholics' is a "BETTER
LATE than NEVER," campaign by the
good folks at Catholics for Free
Choice, normally dealing with those
having reproductive sex with regrets from the normal results of
their own unprotected sex, as well,
as those without any FREE choice: the silenced raped and incested.

Having been told of Black ministers
unwilling to visit D.C. PWA homes, I began an HIV/AIDS ministry. With
the LATE Craig G. Harris, a poet, BLACK PWA pioneer, Gay activist-at-large, we co-chaired D.C's first HIV/AIDS Conference to African American Catholics at St. Teresa of Avila Church, Anacostia, on February 8, 1988. A 'Big' Black Gay Catholic History moment!

NEVER did I hesitate to follow what
"The Many Faces of AIDS: A Gospel
Response," a statement of the U.S.
Catholic Bishops administrative
board, taught in November 1987:

"Because we live in a pluralistic
society, we acknowledge that some will not agree with our understanding of human sexuality. We recognize that public educational programs addressed to a
wide audience will reflect the fact that some people will not act
as they can or should...In such
situations educational efforts, if
grounded in the broader moral vision outlined above, could include accurate information about
PROPHYLACTIC DEVICES or other practices proposed by some medical experts as potential means of preventing AIDS...and the issues of the common good associated with the spread of disease." [p. 18]

In between the statement's release
and our conference, Cardinal Ratzinger in Rome, now, Pope Benedict XVI 'aborted the advent' of "Condoms On Catholics."

NEVERtheless, knowing what each was and wasn't saying, we told the
TRUTH: when Theologians disagree
one, with an informed conscience, can make a FREE CHOICE of moral action in any given situation!!! First class of Moral Theology 1977.
[ N.B. There has NEVER been nor is there, now, any 'infallible' teaching on sex per se]

So, mostly straight, 'liberal' Catholic white folks, reproducing or not, are in our corner with posters for prophylactics. Or are
they preventing their dis-ease, as Bush's Evangelicals are castrating the CHOICE's of the FREE, and now, seeking the LGBT's 'Up and Coming'
"COC's" constituents, still without
full EQUALITY, RESPECT and FREE CHOICE in our own lives & humanity?

Perhaps, 'Prophylactic Politics',
but far too LATE to be 'prophetic'!

Let's beware of Romans bearing Trojans! To be continued...BETTER NEVER FORGET OUR LATE LOVE ONES!!!


With peace, prayers, PROPS & LOVE,
Steadfast in the Spirit,

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
One World Life Systems


All things considered, I think it's a powerful message and thoughtful profession of faith. We could use more of that from one another. Faithfulness is the new world order.

Peace y'all.

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