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12 February 2006



Shani Davis is being selfish. He's breaking a lot of glass ceilings by being one of the few black men in a sport dominated by whites. Whatever his reasoning is, it's stupid. Look at Michael Phelps. The boy swam in a gazillion contests at the Athens games in 2004 and he became America's Golden Boy. Shani's "selfish" attitude is raising eyebrows everywhere -- including with advertisers. Snooty players don't get paid. Sorry boo. We don't need you.


i disagree.do you shani.sometimes you have to follow your heart which may not be the popular vote at the moment


Thank you for bringing this man to my attention.
I've been ignoring these Olympics like the plague - just an all-white flava-less borefest.
This kat is worth watching, though: drama, looks, typical racial hysteria.
Google is loaded with pics of him, maturing from a boy to a man, and the facial hair is hot.
Thanks again.

Antonio Scrittorale

While it would be nice to see him in all the races, anyone should be able to see that his goals come first and that is what we should support. It's his career not anyone else's and if he chooses to follow his mother advice again that should be his choice. He's a winner in any event he has crossed a fine line already in winter sports, he should be applauded for what he has done already no matter what and that alone is reason enough to cheer him.

PS . . . and he is sexy as all hell too!


Totally disagree with Brian's comments. The goal of sport and especially the Olympics should not ge "to get paid." It represents teh zenith of human achievement. Its a testament to Shani's character that he would rather try to win his own medal and not be "the Wheaties" boy. GO SHANI!!

boogie tonight

looks like keith boykins was inspired by this also


I'm not hating on Shani's decision to go for an individual gold medal. But my question is why not do both, go for an individual and a team one? After all, VONETTA FLOWERS, who will remain in the history books as THE FIRST BLACK PERSON, MALE OR FEMALE, TO WIN AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL, did so as part of a two-person bobsled team, and that didn't take away from her accomplishment. I think that, in this case, personal ambition MIGHT be blinding Shani to a bigger picture.

Rod Mc

This is Rod of Rod 2.0.

The last comment from "Rob" (who actually signed his name Rod, which was change dto avoid confusion, especially given his tone) is not accurate. Vonetta was the first black to win in a WINTER TEAM sport. The first African American male and females to win INDIVIDUAL gold medals were in 1924 and 1948, respectively.

Whenever people say they are "not hating" or "are not being shady" usually means they are. Personal ambition is exactly what the Olympics represent. Who are we to tell Shani Davis in what events he should compete? He's trained his whole life for this. Many of his teammates already have gold medals.


GO Shani !!! Go for your Dream Bruh. You know what you need to do. Dreams are things of great PERSONAL importance. Most folks are not pursuing a dream of any kind so this is way beyond their realm of understanding. Live the Life of your dreams homie!


I live in chicago and was appalled to hear some african american youths speaking about Mr. Davis at a coffee shop near the Northwestern Campus. Their contentions were that it was doubly important for Mr. Davis to skate for himself and not help his white team mates. The more he wins on his own and not part of a team the better for Mr. Davis even if his actions are intentional to make/help his team mates lose.

I wonder what the response would have been from the African American community if the day before the team trials the white team members "pulled out" for their own self interest and left Mr. Davis the only one holding the bag and their only "excuse" was that they never intened to skate all along even though they knew it would disrupte the chances of Gold.

BRAVO Mr . Davis. Thank you for bringing your brand of racist self promotion to the Olympic Games. I hope your team mates get the opportunity to give you the shaft some time in the near future.


The recent negativity in the press regarding Shani Davis’s decision to focus on the 1,000 meter and 1,500 meter long track speed skating events in Torino has led me to seek out pertinent quotes regarding fair competition. Taking the high road is the only fair path for all.

So to give you some perspective on fair play, here is a quote from Ambassador Sotos Zackheos, Permanent Representative of Cyprus, to the UN General Assembly in a letter from November 1997:

“. . . In the search for excellence every athlete is equal; and victory is the result of ability, training, hard work and perseverance. Discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, sex or otherwise is incompatible with the Olympic spirit. . . It is important, to strengthen adherence to the Olympic ethics, especially the need to conduct the Games in a fair way. . .”

And this from the UN General Assembly, prior to the 2004 Summer Games in Athens:

“the goal of the Olympic Movement is to build a peaceful and better world by educating the youth of the world through sport, practiced without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding, promoted by friendship, solidarity and fair play”

Maybe Bode Miller is right; I don’t think many of the journalists or broadcasters lend any credence to the concept of fair play. It is clearly being ignored. (Incidentally, I find it curious that a Google search of the NBC Olympic site for “the Olympic ideal” yields absolutely nothing of relevance whatsoever.) It is sad to me that the true ideal of the Olympics—and I stress the terms MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING and FAIR PLAY—are being forgotten these days. And by solidarity, I don’t think they mean flag-waving nationalism, either.

Shani Davis deserves to compete on a “level playing field” where all athletes are treated with respect whether they choose to participate in a certain event or not. He deserves more respect than he is getting, and I am ashamed of our local press in particular for spreading fuel on the fire and making him an unnecessary scapegoat before he’s had a chance to display his true talents to the world...namely, the 1,000 meter and 1,500 meter events.


I am so proud of what Davis has accomplished. And so ashamed of his behavior.

Anyone who saw Davis' interview on NBC tonight after he won gold can see the quality of this man's character. He is not the kind of person who need to hold up as a role model to our children.


I hadn't heard at all about any of the drama surrounding Shani--that is, until after I witnessed his less-than-sportsman-like attitude after winning. I had been supporting every American athlete, hoping they would all do their best for them and their Nation. Now, after witnessing his post-race stab-in-the-back to the U.S., I would have rather seen the Dutch win the gold than him. Shame on you Shani. There was no excuse for that!!

Carol Emory

I think the High School attitudes of Davis and Hedrick are unacceptable. Whether they are in the Olympics for individual goals or team efforts, they still are representing the USA. Their personal problems with each other should not be displayed for the whole world to see.

When they are mature enough to realize that dragging the argument in front of an international crowd is extremely immature and unprofessional, they will also realize that they are making the USA appear as though we are a bunch of grudge holding spoiled brats for the rest of the world to pity.


Just a comment or two after seeing Mr. Davis' response to his victory in the 1000 m race.
Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Any chance of having neutral people see him in a positive light was completely squelched.
Davis was so angry he couldn't enjoy his victory in public. He looked like a bad boy being sent to the dean's office for misbehavior instead of an Olympic champion proud of victory and vindication for his hard work.
If there is one possible financial gain, it would be the good PR from winning. He has lost most of that by his "ISSUES". He doesn't look like much of a victim when he pouts after a magnificant win.


Bugger that. I think he did the right thing to choose not to take part in the team pursuit. Here in The N etherlands Bos decided to do the same and to focus on himelf. Nobody here is accusing him of anything. theyr recognise that skating is an individual sport and that you do NOT sacrifice yourself for the sake of a team. People must get over that black and white nonsense already. after all is said and done, Shani Davis was the fastest and the rest is history.


When people can stop measuring thier accomplishments or failures by the color of their skin and stop blaming others for why they didn't reach their goals, the world will be a much better place.

Reality is, it's easier to point the finger than take responsibility for yourself. I think Shani's interview was his way of trying to make everybody say "Boo Hoo. We're sorry for how we treated you. You were right and we were wrong."

Well guess what Shani! It ain't gonna happen. Get over yourself and move on!

Jean Gardner

Why are everyone talking about Shani Davis attitude when no one seems to have seen or heard how unsportsmen-like Chad Hedrick behaved. He would not even congradulate the Shani Davis, or even acknowledge him as the Olympic Gold Metal winner. Where are the negative comments about him Chad Hedrick? It just shows again and again that America is a color-affected society.


Hey Jean! The reason why Hedrick wasn't ridiculed is because even if Chad is a jerk to Shani, he's still cordial to the press and his public.

Shani may have been right about focusing on his individual goals and Chad may have whined about Shani not "helping," but Chad told the press he was done talking about it and Shani just kept complaining (or rather, his mother did!)

The whole incident wouldn't have gone this far if the press hadn't fueled the fire by constantly bringing it up (note to press...we like good stories, not continuous beatings of the same dead horse).

Who cares what side we're on in this debate anyway? Both Chad and Shani are an embarassment to the USA and should be banded from further competition until they can clear up their attitudes.


Leave shani alone you have made yourself look stupid and rascist enough .doc


Leave shani alone you have made yourself look stupid and rascist enough .doc


Hey Doc. What color is my skin? How do you know I'm being racists when you don't even know who I am?

I'm not ridiculing Shani because of the color of his skin. If he wants to be a representative to the youth of this nation (black or white) then he needs to clean up his attitude. Or did you miss the part where I thought Chad was being a jerk as well?


Was only talking about those who fit that description,Dont care about your race,only fools would think this was not racial(attack on Shani)I was waiting for you to say some of your best friends are black.This is a individual event Shani had made it clear he was not going to participate (media made controversy Carol Dont believe the hype)I have no idea what race you are.I noticed you made comments about Chad also.I was actually talking about those who used this as a opportunity to spout negative stereotypes about minorities in the media.Can we just get along?sorry about the misunderstanding Carol.........Doc


It's all cool. Thanks for understanding my comments. I agree that some people use these forums to voice things that never have to do with the subject at hand.

I once read a site that had another celebrity battle going on (based on a disagreement of words about George W.) It took a guy from a South East Asain country to point out that we should be grateful that we're allowed to speak our minds about such a subject without fear of prosecutionand that he saw us as an ungrateful nation that abused our freedoms.

I think he made a good point. I'm glad we could settle things.


Message Received,have a good day Carol.....Doc

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