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02 February 2006



i loved it! taye looks gorgeous. clearly it was a "mismatch" but thats okay. thaks for giving us the recap tonight ... so do we get part two tomorrow? yes!

patrick s

Oh. My. God.

The recaps are back! Work it out, Rod! We luv ya!

Mark Norris

Your the man, Rod. That is why we keep coming back for more.


I think its kinda funny that you have the guy who played the character based on Jonathan Plummer and Jonathan Plummer on the same page...and its gayness all around! If everybody's gonna be gay now I'll have to turn it around and be straight....I always have to be contrary.


I saw lats night episode and it was very good. "mismatch" indeed but oh so much fun.

Taye is hott! Although I did not like that white shirt covering his sexy arse!

Roger Pollard

Although not particularly a fan of the show, the scene with the lip lock made it all worthwhile.

Andy in Seattle

Why TiVo the show when your recaps are so much more fun? Many thanks, Rod.

Dan Ping

Damn I am soooooo jealous of McCormack. Taye Diggs is sooo hot; sure there are cuter guys out there but I hardly see anyone with a better smile than him. I have to watch it again and again lol.

taylor Siluwé

Great recap. Now I don't feel so bad about missing the show. I haven't been a Will & Grace fan for a minute ... got bored with it I guess.

But anything that involves a black male star lip-locking a man has my vote all the way.

Kudos to Taye Diggs, since his short run TV series (which was awesome and subtly gay) ... I've had so much respect for him.

It's time we put this brother on our collective SGL pedestal ... along with the few others with the balls to buck convention.

Times are a-changin'.


god job rod because of you i remember to watch the show.i,m lovin it to bad it,s the last season. go tay go . peace love always faye


I loved Tay's first appearance. The first meeting, the tension... that's the best part. It's downhill after the first kiss.

But answer me this? How come I never see men like Taye out alone at the movies (esp. a movie like Memorirs)!


Loved the gay lip lock, but the show sucked eggs. No humor at all. Barely any screen time between Will and Taye Diggs. Yet we're supposed to buy that these two are falling in love and can't bear to be separated? All the "jokes" fell flat- Grace's especially. Weak weak weak writing. And as fine as Taye is, he's no comedic actor. I applaud his willingness to play gay, but a funnier actor would have fit in better with the Will & Grace over the top humor. But beyond that, this show has past its expiration date. Just not at all funny anymore...It's like the writers just gave up and are biding time, cashing the last few checks until the show wraps up this May...Yawn yawn yawn...


Anyone else getting a bad vibe that either;

a) the wedding will be halted by the sudden reappearance of Leo, the Walking Yawn, or

b) we'll discover that Taye's character is using this "love" ploy to secure a new visa?

I used to have more faith in this show, but I smell either of those two cop-outs coming.


i agree with some of the objections but i did not think that the show wasn't funny. it was a hell of a lot funnier than that so-called 'live' episode they did a couple weeks ago at karen's b-day celebration.

was it me or dd taye look a bit stiff (and not in a good way) when will kissed him? and did will look as if he just wanted to get the kiss over with? since i watched it about 4 times i couldn't help but notice.

good episode, and i hope that the series finale is a great end to a good show


i take back a previous post i made in which i said dancing with the stars is gayer than will & grace. still to make up for the years of network enforced celibacy and/or invisible trysts will references, the series needs to end with a simultaneous o for will & tayce. and grace needs to be totally alone and not getting engaged or married again. karen needs to be passed out drunk in the sewer and jack needs to be jack-ing.


I think you are right about something brewing but you are missing a huge piece...THE SHOW IS ENDING!!!

I agree that Leo is coming back and that will halt the wedding....but HELLO Gay Marriage is legal in Canada!

Will and Grace will finally have to separate...for love!

Leo will return and Grace will go with him on an exotic trip to a country she can finally locate on a map and Will and James will move to Canada and marry!

Finally these absurdly co defendants, I'm sorry I meant co dependents can sever their life crippling bond and LIVE!!!


I am vey fan Will and Grace. Finally they Broke gay interracial barrier.




I have fancied (worshipped) Taye for years, we don't get to see much of him in the UK unfortunatly but would love to come him and do a promotional visit, let me know when and where Taye!!!


i would not kick neither of them out of my bed. although Taye is the cuter of the two. Taye if you are ever interested in men and chubby ones at that - let me know.


ok.....I can't go on reading these submissions. No one has mentioned the obvious. I don't mean to sound racist or anything...but isn't it getting to be a bit nerve wracking that the Black Gay Male characters on these "groundbreaking" shows ALWAYS END UP WITH A WHITE LOVE INTEREST???? I even checked out the website for "footballers wives" since I never heard of it, and there again...A BLACK MAN LOCKING LIPS WITH A WHITE MAN. I may be wrong but I do believe that these images have some type of psychological ramifications...


//longshot//MONEY Shot

Madi$on Ave. demographics
in 10 years the character will be tongue locking Julio, Juan, or Rico!!!...


I will be discussion way will and grace follow sitcom convention.

so can you help me

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