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08 March 2006


frank leon roberts

always on top of your game Rod! you're the best in the business.


interesting. 2 each his own. carry on...

Waddie G.

too queeny for me and I hear there are lots of fights at these balls...NEVA MIND!!!

Derrick from Philly

"too queeny for me"

I have, rather, I had friends who use talk like that about feminine Gay males, drag queens, femmes, etc. Whenever they would say that kinda' sfuff, I'd point out to them their traits and mannerisms that were non-traditional, especially their lack of knowledge concerning sports. I had to remind one of these New York City friends (who looks down on queens) about the time the Eagles were playing the Giants for the NFC East Championship. I, the queen, wanted to watch the game; he, the conservative wannabe masculine Gay (probably SGL, by now)man wanted to watch a gormet cooking show.
I guess, everybody talkin' 'bout "queeny" ain't too far from it.

You gotta' snap, I gotta' snap--all God's chil'ren gotta' snap, when we get to heaven gonna'put up a limp wrist and snap all over God's heaven...

frank leon roberts

well said Derrick! "Too Queeny for me"---says the man that whose blog shows a profound interest in America's Next Top Model. lol. When will queer men of color stop fetishizing masculinity?

taylor Siluwé

Derrick and Frank I couldn't agree more.

But I remember the feeling ... I remember cringing, just at the thought of going to a ball.

To this day, I still haven't.

I also recently saw Paris is Burning for the very first time. In the eighties when it was filmed, I was there on the pier, socializing with some of those guys by night ... but shunning them all by day for being too queeny.

But I was young and dumb then ... and only time and LIFE have made me see it differently. Paris is Burning was a poignant flashback for me, to a time when I thought queens were the reason people hated gays.

Now I have more respect for their heart and guts than I can express. Amazing what a couple of decades of life will do.

Derrick from Philly

You're so right Taylor. I didn't get to visit the pier until the summer of '96 (don't ask me what I was doing all those years, I was only lived 90 miles away). But I realize now I was seeing the end of an era in New York's Black Gay Scene -- with a very unique, very New York flavor to it (although I wasn't crazy about Keller's--I was scared of that place). I didn't see Paris Is Burning until about the same time, even though I'd met some of the children in the film when they performed in Philly (Paris Dupree). I understand that today's young black gay men believe that by getting rid of some of the "stereotypical gay images" and presenting more masculine black gay images, we will get more respect from the greater black community. I don't know if this is true. What I do know is the ball "children" were fabulous, fearless and FIERCE! Snap!


I am getting very tired of how a lot of gay men talk about masculine gay men in a negative way. You people assume things to much. The first assumption that you made was that masculine gay men are only masculine to hide the fact that they are gay. This is defenitely not true. I understand that there are some gay men who are only pretending to be masculine when in fact they are very "queeny". But for the most part masculine gay men are just naturally masculine. It has nothing to do with internalized homophobia. You also mentioned how black gay men fetishize masculinity. Correct me if I'm wrong but last time I checked gay men are attracted to men right? so dont you think that being attracted to masculinity would be obvious. To tell you the truth most masculine gay men are not attracted to queens or effeminate gay men. They are attracted to other masculine gay men. Once again this has nothing to do with internalized homophobia it just has to do with what they like. But still there are effeminate gay men who believe that the reason why that good-looking masculine gay man rejects them is because they have internalized homophobia and do not want anybody discovering the fact that they are gay. That is not the case at all. This also explains why a lot of gay personals sites have profiles that say no queens or no femmes. This is like a gay man going up to a straight man and calling him homophobic because he wont date them. My point is that dont assume things unless you really know.

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