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20 March 2006



Now thats my girl, I LOVE BEVERLEY KNIGHT, Love Love Love Love Love her.

Im British so I know her music well, let me tell you guys, this girl can sang! She's awesome, anyone who hasn't heard her stuff track it down online by hook or by crook.

Beverley is HOT!

She's also been outspoken about equal rights for a number of years here and I respect her a lot as an artist who has a big fan base in the UK and across Europe. She can and does influence the Black community here...as well as the white.Everybody loves a lil Beverley. There's rumour she's gonna do a duet with George Michael, should be great!


Taschell's comments are important. In an American context, as Patrik-Ian Polk pointed out, the "gay community" seems to be about gay white men. Two of favorite sites are Towleroad and Americablog. Both are run by "liberal" gay white males, but both sites advertise for Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan is a conservative white gay male who takes pride in his support of the racist "The Bell Curve" junk science that purports that African-Americans and non-white Latinos are genetically inferior to whites.

Why would two liberals support a conservative racist? The only answer apparently is that their being "white gay males" supercedes decency. I can't think of other major liberal bloggers (white, black, or purple) who support a racist or conservative blogger like the publishers of Towleroad and Americablog do.

If the "gay community" is serious about getting the "black community" to support equal rights, shouldn't its leaders not support a racist like Sullivan?

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