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29 March 2006



So Busta hates gays? Self-loathing is such a terrible thing..


Anybody down with me to sabotage this smug nigga's career? Didn't think so.

He isn't self-loathing. He straight up hates gays. Is inferring that he's gay supposed to be some counteractive insult? I could listen to his filth for that. This fucker is officially off my iPod.

Furthermore, I fully expect this behavior. The guy is a gutter rat who wouldn't even cooperate in the investigation of his bodyguard's murder, playing those Li'l Kim games. I'm sick of these smug, anything-for-money coons acting like the planet's ambassadors of black culture.


I hear you but the worst part is young heads coming up think this is cool and will follow in this asshole's lead. I keep wondering why H-wood keeps coming to them to act in studio films instead of going with (working) actors not worried about street cred?

Aaron Coleman

Oh, this is so bogus.
I have a clip of Busta on "In Living Color". He and his group ( of 2 dancers) were among the first musical guests on the show.
I didn't know who he was at the time, but I suspected they "all" must have been "family" by their interactive dancing and "TOUCHING"...and after all, In Living Color was so spoofy gay friendly, anyway...so what the f---?


If Busta hates gays so much, then why even step foot onto South Beach? You can't throw a dead cat without hitting an out and proud queen in Miami. Maybe he should just go live in Jamaica or some other similar place.

BTW, Busta is SO 1998. He's old as dirt, no one cares about him anymore and his new single even with the radio/video payola is not a bonafide hit.


I'm sick of these "wonderthugs" spewing smut and hate... And we still tolerate this shit.. We need to wake up and put this fool and his trash in their place..

taylor Siluwé

I can prouldly say that I don't own a single Busta CD. Now I never will.

taylor Siluwé

One more comment ...

At this point, and as with other celebs who've made the mistake of verbalizing their homophobias ... we shouldn't pay to see any movies they are in, buy magazines that feature them, or do anything which evenly remotely supports their career.

And at the same time, any opportunies that arise to sabotage said careers should be gleely taken.


This is not surprising. When someone shows that much hate to one of God's creations. 80% of time it is usually a lot more to it. And we all know what that is. There own sexuality or something happened to them as a child. But don't worry people if and when he has children. One of them is sure to be gay. "KARMA"

Derrick from Philly

I've loved dark skinned black men all my...well, most of my life (it took the "black is beautiful" movement n the late 60's to open my eyes), but I'll never understand what y'all young gay guys see in creatures like Busta Ry...I can't even spell his last name. He looks ignorant, dirty, funky, and ugly as hell. And what real talent does he have? I don't understand (long sigh)...do y'all want to be beaten or something?...well, you can find a pretty man to do that.


Busta self loathing..I don't know. I'm just sorry I didn't know how he felt about us back in the late nineties (I found his "craft" rather humorous and ordered two of his CDs) because even though they might have been freebies for me from the record club I belonged to, I believe it is our desire to fit in with pop culture as well as other areas in life that continue to give others the green light to bash us at will.

midnight lounge

I'm actually quite surprised about this piece. I'm crossing my fingers that the pagesix report is blown out of proportion. Of all the hiphop artists out there, I sort of felt he was more cerebral than what that gossip snippet has shown. Ah well. I guess I'll project my interest on Nelly now.

Lena Cuisina

I was surprised by this story, because Busta has recorded with his friend Q-Tip -- probably the biggest queen in the bizness.


I think busta has sexy long fingers and is really hot in a black long thang lusty kind of freaky way....lets aggressively show how much we want some ugly busta stuff....turn him into a gay lust figure...i like that angle

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Big G

Busta's a phoney
When he started out with Leaders of the New School or he was prancing around doing his Hollywood African dance numbers that was the real crazy creative Busta, the one from his earlier solo albums
Now he's all supa thugged out trying to hump the back of the gangsta bandwagon, totally fake
Come on fool we know you frontin'
You silly, trying to diss my Gay peoples to attempt a paper thin chest puff out

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