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16 March 2006


midnight lounge

I like Vin's swagger and bravado. He's got a gimmick in Hollywood and should stick to it. I really don't care either way 'bout his sexuality, but he does keep everyone guessing, that's all that matters...

taylor Siluwé

I love the fact that he won't go the "I'm 100% man" route ... like Eddie Murphy's bitch.

Vin commands respect by not giving in to the media's thirst for dirt. It would be so easy for him to say he's not gay and pound his chest ... or throw a bitch-fit and tear up the studio like Raheem did on Wendy Williams.

See ... a real man says, 'Think what you want, I don't care.' That's my kinda guy.

Vin's not even my type, but I like him even more now.

hot lunch

i hadn't heard these rumors about Vin before, i'm so out of the loop! u learn something new everyday here on Rod 2.0!


i do not understand why people dont understand that vin is a private guy just because u dont see his personal info blasted all across magazines does not make it right that people assume he is gay that is such bull he seems like a really cool down to earth kinda guy where he draws the line between his acting career and his personal life he is also a very talented handsome actor i lovu u vin!!!


look how can someone that HOT be gay?? its not possible!!! vin i would rock your world!!!


100% no way possible that hes gay

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