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02 March 2006



Hey Rod.
How do you find out all this information every day? It's great!
I'm looking forward to E Lynn's new book, especially if it is about the black church and homophobia.


Just reading the description of "Say a Little Prayer." Now this is hot.

I never would have read that profile and didn't know that he had drinking problems. I am in AA so it's great that's he is talking about it.

faye harris

see rod i,ll all ways have a comment about a book.i love (ELH}.i think he has another boook coming out in march are april, i think he cowriting with 3 or 4 other writers.maybe he,s the one to get me back on track.thumbs up to elynn on the teachers job.i can always count on you to make my day.peace love always faye


oh i SO needed to hear this, and today at work was a bit much, so thanks to you for the love, Rod. Keep it going, baybee, keep it growing ;-)


I've read "Breathe," and I feel that it is excellent. Nafiq made me angry when he got sloppy with his nightly "deeds"-- I won't reveal how he was sloppy, but it just made me angry. Another that was a detractor for me was that the story was too fastpaced; it should've been, maybe, twenty to fifty pages longer. Overall, as I've stated before, it is an excellent story.


e lynn harris is amazing. can't wait for the new book


If There's A Cure For This I Don't Want It.....

Last year it was Down Low Brotha Blues now we are entering the long overdue Closeted Christian Brotha Blues. Is E Lynn really serious or just riding the success of Tyler Perry's "Woman of God"(that's church sect talk for the '06) fan base. Donna Mc Clurken has three copies on back-order WOW!! Is there an author on black gay life that has a three dimensional point of view and not one that is simply pop-culture blah!!!!

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