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24 March 2006


boogie tonight

if i am not mistaken isnt CLIK based in FL? shouldnt CLIK be worried about whats going on in its backyard than what is going on 300 miles away?

boogie tonight

also instead of offering an IN KIND sponsorship why couldnt CLIK offer $$$$ sponsorship... $$$ goes a long way for events

Mark Norris

Whether Clik is in Florida or not, they have a right and should be worried about what's going on in all parts of the world where "we" are in large numbers. That is such an ignorant statement to make, "shouldnt CLIK be worried about whats going on in its backyard than what is going on 300 miles away?" Does Frontier or Out magazine worry about what is going on in their own backyard??? Come on, eveyone knows Clik, like other magazines, are distributed all over the U.S. and probably abroad. So I say, why the hell not be concerned about other backyards as well as their own.
Mark Norris


Where can I find some good, current Black Nationalist rhetoric besides the Nation of Islam? This integration bullshit is just getting the hell on my nerves. If the white gay community wants to keep to itself, fine by me. I don't need or want them.

j. brotherlove

Good, even-handed treatment on the situation, Rod. http://www.thebrotherlove.com/journalogue/clik_magazine_vs_atlanta_pride_committee.php>My take was a bit more opinionated. The "race and segregation in the gay community" issue is a long, convoluted discussion that few are willing to have openly. It flares up every now and again, and dies down. We'll see if this case will be any different.

In comparison, I felt more "exclusion" in the white gay bars in Chicago (circa 1980s) than I have in present-day Atlanta. A sign of the times or location?

Also, I agree with boogie tonight on the issue of sponsorship. This would be a much more interesting situation had Clik offered financial support. These sorts of events are bombarded by in-kind offers. At some point, you have to say "no" to the folks without the funds to further your cause.


last time I was in the dirty dirty it was Savannah. I bruh I met there at a bar was the hottest man in the place, and all the white men were looking at him and me like vultures to a dying lamb. I asked him about it, and he said, "oh don't worry they would never speak to us in here. Outside this place, they'd hit us up for some black dick as soon as they could." Seems like Jim Crow is still alive in the gay community. When are we gonna learn from the past?

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