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23 March 2006


Derrick from Philly

First of all, I hope that Mr. Prince recovers from his injuries and that he is able to lead an enjoyable life. I hope he heals better than I ever could from such an ordeal.

This kind of thing happened rarely in the 1970's and earlier. You might say that it was because gay people were less visible back then. But no, I'm saying that those of us who were "obvious" or in drag didn't suffer this kind of brutality so often. Some of us had some really ugly incidents of violence, but with the 1980's & 90's it seems this kind of hatred and extreme violence increased. I blame Hip Hop and Rap music's violent anti-gay message. The only evidence I put forward is the increase in extreme violent attacks over the last 25 years.

I don't know whether the part about Mr. Prince "cruising" one of his attackers before the assault is true, but I don't care if he did--he did not deserve what happened. My friends used to warn me about "cruising" straight guys (or even DL's) in the wrong situation (like broad daylight), but I'll never believe someone has the right to kill you because you "cruise" him or make a remark about how cute he is. What do they call it "gay panic" reaction? Bullshit, it's "savage beast" reaction.


I won't deny that hip hop and rap and homophobic messages in music contributes to an overall climate of hatred towards lesbians and gays, but they are surely not alone.

We have and have had homophobic messages coming straight out of the White House. We have homophobic sermons preached in churches all across the country every Sunday. We have lawmakers introducing legislation to deny LGBT people rights granted to everyone else. All of that contributes to the impression that our lives are less valuable than everyone else's. And as Dr. King once said, "Violence is the language of the inarticulate."

And as my mother would say, "Let's hope they throw Steven Pomie under the jail."


The "gay panic" reaction is such a crock.Being a openly gay male and a woman hits on me,does that give me cause for "straight panic" to attack her?I think not.


"You'll notice, no photos on this post. After working so many years in television news, it's frustrating to look at one after another mug shot of black men accused of hurting, killing or trying to kill another."

God BLESS you, Rod!


all i can say is god will deal with mr prince whatever his name is in a way that the justice system could never do. he's gonna wish he was somewhere else that night he did what he did to that innocent man.to a world sick with homophobia...get well soon

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