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28 March 2006



Why are the LESBIANS getting all in a huff over the title of HOMECOMING KING? That's what JENNIFER JONES ran for right? I'm sure they had a homecoming queen contest as well. Obviously, this young woman knew what she was doing.


I'm a lesbian, and I have a problem with her being named homecoming king, if the only reason that she was given the title is because she is gay. This just further the stereotype that all lesbians want to be men, and that all gay men want to be women.


Also, it's fine if people elected her King because they like her, but if it was me, I would think they are trying to make fun of me because of my sexuality. There is nothing wrong with a lesbian being choosen as homecoming queen, which would have been something to be proud of.

boogie tonight

Floored!!!! CARGO Dead? LIES!!! i loved every issue... damn damn damn

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