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22 March 2006



Was I the only one with a little voice in the back of his head during the Oprah interview saying, "porn addiction? Yeah, a gay porn addiction?"

Isn't Kirk Franklin the king of the DL in the gospel community? Or did he lose that contest to any number of other contenders? With that in mind I thought the question and answer were quite intriguing.


I don't know. He does scream DL.

taylor Siluwé

"Expelled or converted"?

What about accepted? Or would that concept be too Christian? And I didn't find his answer at all intriguing. It was BS ... scriptural, poetic and convoluted BS.

Kirk Franklin has always made my skin crawl. I saw him on 'Sharp Talk' with Rev. Al where they debated the need for the church with a black atheist.

The atheist made sound logical points. Kirk? BS ... scriptural, poetic and convoluted BS. His flock likes and NEEDS that mindless, pseudo thought-provoking, but ultimately meaningless, BS.

Everyone else should just wake the fuck up.

P. Alonzo Harris Jr.

hey pa,

i hope all is well with you and yours... time will vindicate our people. it is tragic that it has to be that way, but blame the human condition...



Kirk is so tired, please, the King of the DL, I don't think so. More like the King of Queens.

Personally I don't care about being accepted by the Black Church. I'm working on my personal relationship with God.

Doug Cooper-Spencer

Even more than Kirk, what about the Georgia State Assembly and it's attempt to place Bible study in all schools down there? Oh and about the porn thing, yeah I wondered what type of porn also. I mean, if it 'was' ('was', yeah...) an addiction, I'm sure that addiction crossed lines.

Kevin C

You know the subject DL is TIRED when BET decides to do a special on it. I believe that crap comes on sometime next week.

It's time to move on folks. Let these so called holy rollers skate on. I have dreams and aspirations to achieve while living my truth.

Kevin C

Linda Wattley

America Breeds Molestation

(Click on link and stroll to bottom of page and find my name Linda D. Wattley) The message is for the world. Help me help others.

The truth must be exposed. We are victims of molestation. What is molestation? It is paralyzing of the mind to not properly respond to assault. People obsessed with greed assault us. The rich are not the majority. They need us more than we need them but due to Mixed Signal Syndrome we fail to see this reality. We must recover from this syndrome as individuals then as a whole. We must recapture and increase self-worth judging not by values established by those sending mixed signals. Our children must follow their creative dreams instead of incorporate dreams of corruption. Families get back to family businesses to encourage future generations. Employers molest employees by paralyzing them with fear of losing jobs if they don’t settle for less. Ministers molest members by paralyzing them with fear of hell. The government molests people by paralyzing them with fear of future needs not being met if not elected. Individually and as a whole we must choose what is best in so doing we begin to alter the meaning of life.


I really doubt if Kurt Franklin has a porn addiction...or just exhibiting behavior consistent with closeted gay men living a lie all while trying to minister to people with his music. I find his music truly inspirational... I wish he, Donnie McCurklin, Hez Walker,Kurt Carr, and many others in the religious/gospel community (and I am not going to even attempt to deal with the black actors and actress) would lovingly live in truth.

I know for a fact that GOD created gay and lesbians...and it takes a great deal of courage and truth to live the life. I commend everyone gay and lesbian who live a life of truth...and I don't mean going around screaming you're gay. Just live your life be truthful to people that matter about who you are and taking pride in yourself...not using and abusing men and women to help cover up the fact that you are gay! Like some people...you holy rollers really need to watch it... I too do not need the acceptance of the black church...The black churches are full of haters anyways! Black people, black people ...we got to love each other and stop all forms of division and hate...we must overcome!

"Big D"


I am curious. How many homosexuals were molested as children (and I don't care if you say you liked it or not as anyone with any sense knows that children can be abherrently sexualized)? I did a straw poll long ago amongst the gay women I knew and every one had been molested as a minor. Maybe being gay or lesbian is not from above but from right here on earth, born in the actions of conscienceless abusers.


First of all, for everyone who reads this,HOMOSEXUALLITY IS A SIN. It is stated on many occasions in the Bible. Secondly,about kirk, the Bible says There is none righteous, no not one. The Bible also says he that loveth not is not of GOD, for GOD is love. Jesus never cussed nobody out. Jesus never slandered nobody's name. And it says in I John chapter 4 how can claim to love GOD, whome you'venever seen, and hate your brother whome you see every day? Now one thing is for sure: GOD doesn't want us to hate anyone.I agree with that. Some of GOD's greatest proophets came from "the gutter". But GOD as loving as HE is, will not dwell in an unclean temple. The Bible says (and I'm putting it into modern words)that just because GOD will forgive you is not a reason for you to continue in your sin. The Bible declares that GOD is not mocked. The process of salvation involves the step "turn away from your wicked ways".

All I have stated can be found in scripture. So if this has offended anyone, you're not contridicting what I say, you're contridicting what GOD says.

This is truth. This is the ONLY truth.And I Hope whoever reads this will not harden their hearts.

GOD bless.

joline bassadien

i am so upset that chritian people can still consider that God made gay and lesbian people. Come on our God is not confused. He made adam and than he made a partner for him,eve. what is there to argure about. God said it,i believe it and that settles it for me. stop proclaiming to the world that it is okay to be gay. you will have to answer to the one and only God some day.


I don't recall Kirk saying he had a gay porn addiction - only that he had a porn addiction. Now i don't see why you should be going into unnecessary analysis of the wording of a question asked him unless you have an ulterior motive and i believe you do have one - to defame him. In anyway, you are neither the God nor the judge of his life. Remember, we all have to give an account of our own lives. If yours is so good, you wouldn't be spending time trying to destroy his.


god created heaven and earth. on earth we exist in the flesh. flesh is equal to the physical. the spirit is equal to the walk of christ in us.

traditionally we have been taught certain philosophies. if you spend time in the spirit by meditating on with God through prayer and his word, you will hear from him. if you feed the flesh by television, blogs and gossip, you will result in your own self worth. some of us choose the scriptures of the bible and only preach certain things. as black individuals we were culturize in black relgion. homosexuality has always been there. the right to choose your walk is now prevalent and bold. seek GOD for answers and not man. God will guide and direct you in all of your paths. it is the trick of the enenmy to separate our race. we must love everyone despite of their disposition.


im tired of gays lame excuse christians never said God hates the gays yeah he loves everyone but God dont love sin the bible says its a stench in his nostrils and quite frankly people like to justify their wrong doings rather its adultery murder hate lust fornication getting drunk i think some preachers approach to homosexuality is wrong but the Bible clearly states it's a sin the anus was not made for penetration thats enough said rather it male or female getting penetrated

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