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12 March 2006



Bailey's book, "The Man Who Would Be Queen," which I had the displeasure of reading for a class on social deviance, is worth reading if you want a good laugh. The strongest case Bailey makes has nothing to do with gender or sexuality (about those topics all he has to offer is a review of the works of others and a catalogue of stereotypes), instead it has to do with how cool he is. He delights in describing how he goes to gay bars in Chicago and how much his students like him.


what seems odd about the leslie stahl piece is that there was little to no distinction made between sexual IDENTITY and sexual ORIENTATION - lumping gay men and transfemales together like so much crab salad. one is angled to believe that all gay boys wanted to be girls, played with barbies, and that's the end of that - ignoring those of us who played with firetrucks or enjoyed sports AND STILL wanted to marry our older brothers' friends.

AND as usual, we'll have to wait for ANOTHER piece to get anything substantive about lesbians.

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