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13 March 2006



Omg!?! What the fuck was that?

Reminds me of this story my grandfather told me about this guy in rural georgia he knew. He was half black and half white and just as redneck as could be. He so hated his blackness that he tried to join the Klan but they wouldnt let him in. He never knew why. Looks like the same thing is true for Mr. Robinson. And who said we've left traditional values behind!?!


Is this guy an idiot or what?


I couldn't resist watching that shit and now I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. And when he started talking I just got dizzy. This place gets scarier every day.

John Ross Hendrix

Rest assured, my friends, that Vernon Robinson does have competition, although his antics have attracted media attention and caused Charlie Sutherland and myslef to fall by the wayside in news coverage.

Although I do not claim to be a liberal, some in the Republican party have accused me of not being conservative enough. Maybe its my respect for the Constitution that Robinson supporters don't like. The more fascist elements want me to promise to amend the Constitution to eliminate every little thing that offends them. (I refuse) I guess they are just to lazy to work on finding real solutions.

What really frightens me is the fact that a Republican WILL win the 13th district race for the Congress, and it may be Robinson. Mr. Miller has screwed up enough by failing to support private property rights, the Second Amendment right to protect yourself, and voted against legislation that would stop the overweight crowd from suing McDonalds after too many super sized fries caused them to have to buy two seats on an airplane. If I can't stop Robinson in his tracks, we are in for dark times ahead. The party will throw everything into the contest against Miller. His days are numbered. Your choice will be Hendrix or Robinson. This choice must be made now, not in November.

Robinson's tactics, taken straight from Adolf Hitler's campaign manual, sets one group against another, uses empty headed ones for base support, and uses the more capable ones (with brains) who want to ride on his back to power and riches. The media likes him because he has the capability to turn the Republican party into a joke. But the joke has a possibility of becomming a horror and reality.

In the interest of our Nation, we all need to do everything we can to expose Mr. Robinson's "character" and see to it that he doesn't get past this primary. All the information you need in on my web page:

This is not only a run for office for me, it is a war in which reason, sanity, and our very freedom are at stake. I welcome any and all questions and comments.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
John Ross Hendrix
Candidate for Congress
13th District

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