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06 March 2006



While there may be many reasons why Crash won, homophobia had to play at least a part in it. Brokeback has swept just about every award on the planet for Best Picture and every indicator was that it would win again last night. Last night's Crash win was almost unprecedented in all Oscar history. There are numerous reports that some older Academy members didn't even screen Brokeback because of its subject matters and the snide jokes about gay cowboys reflected that some people would rather laugh at gays that validate their relationships. Moreover, the consensus of critics as seen on Rottentomatoes.com was that Brokeback was far superior than Crash. Crash was a heavy-handed loud movie that has been done before better, whereas Brokeback's message more subtle, sophisticated. Finally, Brokeback made by far the most movie of the nominees, making almost $30 million more than Crash thus far.

Mr. GuyTVBlog

Not sure if you had the time to check out my Oscar rundown but my feelings on gay blogs unflattering and highly debatable comments & outrage led me to write this on my blog.

"If there are 2 films that should be viewed for the self education era, it's Brokeback Mountain & Crash. I applaud them both. And for gay blogs as well as the gay community to be outraged that the "gay" film didn't win is just ridiculous because who are we, the gay community, to tell anyone whether the story of sexuality should be award over the story of racism. I'm just pleased the Academy nominated countless films with meaning & relatable messages that can change the way we live in today's world. "

I'm hispanic and gay and can see boths films as potential stories meant to be told and awarded.

I think it's easy for a Caucasian Gay Male to argue that Brokeback Mountain "deserved" the Best Picture award. I don't believe they can fully understand boths sides unless they are a minority gay male. Crash is just as significant as Brokeback Mountain.

Well, maybe a Caucasian leisban can argue the fact that she has to battle homophobia and men altogether. Then add the fact that she is african-american and then she has my blog devotion and I'd be eager to listen to her opinion on all of this. Oprah?

I'm happy with this year's Oscar outcome. ;o)

Lito S.

I'm surprised at the outright racism of some blog responses. (And yet I know I shouldn't be.)

Some of the commentary around Crash and even the Best Song winner just reminds me why I avoid areas like the Castro. Case in point:

"The only people who have embraced Crash are people who aren't very intelligent; or have been victims of racism" Hmmm so people who experience racism ren't very intelligent?

""somewhere in that vast world tonight - a hip hop loving/writing gay (black, brown, white, red or yellow) boy gets to dream a bigger dream." Well, let him keep jacking off [that does sound like a smokin' menage] until he's mature enough to realize that "hip hop" is just another name for Rap Crap and can write some actual melodies with creative lyrics... African Americans have contributed tons of brilliant, original, timeless music to the world's culture, but the success of hip hop/rap crap is but the result of the lowest commmon denominators guilt-tripping and bullying their way into the recording industry ..."

I'm also trippin on the argument that the Academy played it safe by picking a movie that deals with racism. Will someone please let me know when racism became safe?? Is it because we acknowledge it or ignore it or both? I just don't get it.

humanity ultimately depresses me.


A poster at Oscarwatch put the outrage so many are feeling this way:

"So, there we have it.

I understand it's not the job of Academy voters to validate how these have gone in the past (in terms of precurser wins leading to Best Picture) but I don't see how there wasn't an agenda at work here in Crash's 11th hour win. Why this? Why now? Why, in the entirity of the history of the Academy Awards is it the gay film that gets all the way to the door only to have it slammed in its face? Does anyone think Crash would have won had it been released in December? I don't. I think Lion's Gate relentless pursuit for this award showed it learned alot from the Miramax days.

The ugliness of the homophobia of this decision is immeasurable. The weight of this loss to something so universally looked upon as inferior and nothing more than fear-based propoganda for elitist white guilt will reverberate in that city forever. I hope the entire place is sucked into the vortex of Paul Haggis's rotting asshole.

Hollywood is the gayest place on Earth but it's also the world's biggest closet and likely hit way, way too close to home for far too many members to even have the guts to acknowledge.

There are so many of us who invest an incredible amount of personal attention and emotion into this singular event as well as everything that builds up to it. I think this year though a win for Brokeback Mountain really would have been a tremendous gay breakthrough, and for gay people. Crash is not a film for, by or about black, asian, iranian or mexican people. It's about and by white people. I don't hear about any minorities singing the praises of Crash and how it has or will impact their lives and future civil rights. Honoring Brokeback, not only because it was a stunning cinematic achievement worthy of the award but the right film at the right time, would have done this in one small way for gays.

But yeah, last night I was full of extremely high and volatile emotions. I'm still so furious I want to Stonewall Riot LA and burn it to the ground. Maybe then, it'll snow and I can have MY happy ending.

I want to quote a great comment made by Culturegeek over at the Backstage that certainly gives some solace to this horrible situation:

Oh, I want to say a big thank you to all the PM's I got during my brief hiatus this weekend. It was very hard to come over here and face this and to find the words I wanted to say. One of the night's big highlights though was a lovely little voicemail from Dally, lol. What a wonderful gentleman."


There are so many of us who invest an incredible amount of personal attention and emotion into this singular event as well as everything that builds up to it.

It sounds like you put too much emotional currency into a movie that you did not create or work on. Because if you were an industry professional or voting member--and I'm WGA, so can vote in the WGA Awards and certain Emmys--you would be prepared. There are no certainties in award shows ... that's why they're called award shows, not polls.

Some of you queens need to get over yourselves. One moment you're talking about artistic merits and the next you're talking about burning down LA because a movie didn't win Best Picture. Something tells me the gays are not going to riot in WeHo and Silverlake over this one. Especially when your IP address is Washington DC.

Lastly, Color Purple was nominated for 11 awards and won zero.


Sorry Rod but your are wrong. Brokeback Mountain deserved to win and were it not for underlying homophobia and the massive campaign for the LA centered Crash, then it would have won.

I know it is tough to say it because Crash was about racism so many might feel the need to defend it's win. Well that's all and good but the best picture should have won and that sure was not Crash. Brokeback should have won because it was indeed the best picture of 2005 not the fact that is was gay. Stop accusing all gay men of just being upset because it was a gay film that lost.

The film was more than about gayness....it was about love and loneliness. It touch deep in the soul and it was a beautifully filmed and acted movie. It deserved the Oscar. There was a reason it had won every other award save the SAG award. Honestly it won most of the critics awards, won the Film Critcs award, the Golden Globe, the Producer's Guild, Director's Guild, The British Oscars.....you name it and it won it. So stop with the junk about it not being the best picture.


Cederico^^. Rod's post was about the gays who say that only reason BM loss best picture was due to homophobia. No artistic arguments were addressed.

If you ask me, many are coming across as whining. Big deal, a movie about gays that was written and produced by straights, acted by straights, directed by straights, didn't win best picture. Wouldn't really change things if it were, just like Crash hardly changes racism.


Brokeback Mountain was a fine film, and has been rightly honored, however Some of the anger i've been reading on gay blogs today is just way over the top. I wonder how much outrage
this "snub" would be from gay america, had the two leads been of "color".

boogie tonight

Cedrio,,, Brokeback Mountain deserved to win and were it not for underlying homophobia and the massive campaign for the LA centered Crash, then it would have won.

Im not gonna argue but BM had a more Massive campaign than Crash, which happens to be on dvd. There where no tv spots or movie ads running for Crash nominees.

Even if Crash wasnt nominated for Best Picture , BM still would have not won for Best Picture

So why is there no big hoopla about Transamerica not winning anything?

Mr. GuyTVBlog

oh boogie tonight...

Absolutely one of the most humorous and quite laughable comments left on any blog regarding this insane issue.

Well done. [clapping] Well fucking done.


While Crash was an ok movie, it definitely did not deserve to win Best Picture. Crash was a loud, heavy-handed movie that relied upon stereotypes and noise to make it's point, instead of more subtle artistic mechanisms. Particularly offensive was its crude stereotypes of Asians and Arabs. The movie has been done before and done so much better.
In contrast, Brokeback was a cultural and cinematic milestone. There is no reason that a movie that has swept virtually every other award and critic's honor to not win best picture. Consider that no other movie has won the Director's Guild, Producer's Guild, Writer's Guild, BAFTA, Indpedendent SPirit Award, and Golden Globe for Best Picture and Not won the OScar. Homophobia had to play at least a part in this stark departure from history. The Academy should be ashamed of itself.


I think that I said it on here before: The Oscars rewards the self-destructive, self-hating elements of Black culture. With the exception of Sidney Poitier, Oscars have been given to Blacks who portray thugs, slaves, whores, bad mothers and other assorted step-n-fetchits.

Best Song to "It's Hard For A Pimp" is not a surprise.


And just to put the shit on out there:

Pimpin' IS easy. It's completely the easy way out.

Island Zeus

Roddy, why did you mention being GAY & BLACK under Terrence Howard's pic? Are you secretly telling us something? If so, I hope to the Fates that you are correct!!!


i hate to admit it, crash was a better film. brokback as a love story, i couldn't even relate to. there were thematic elements and filmmaking concepts used in crash that simply weren't present in brokeback.


I liked the movie Hustle & Flow. However, I have not heard anyone talk about the church scene where a woman with an incredible soprano voice sang a Nina Simone song the title of which was something to the effect "...Change My Name". The song was haunting and beautiful. I have been trying to find a recording of the song with no success. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks!

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