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10 March 2006



Rod, I can't believe that Terry said this. Wow. Have to buy the issue.

patrick s

This is a bombshell. Certainly won't be buying any of her books.

Lito S.

I certainly understand her anger in being duped. But I do think a lot of queens have been in this ha ha on you terry mode. Oh well, maybe Terry can start a support group soon with Star "Heiffah" Jones.


While I believe Jonathan should take responsibility for his actions, Terry still doesn't strike me as someone that is gay-literate, gay-sensitive or gay-accepting. She seems like she's trying to save face, as if her gay fans were all that deep in the numbers to begin with...


In my opinion, Terry doesn't have to be gay-literate or even gay-accepting. It's really not about any of that. This woman found out her husband was gay & having sex with other men while still married to her. In other words, he cheated. It's understandable that she'd be upset. I don't pity or feel sorry for her. I'm saying I see where the anger is comming from.

Paul  Tomlinson

Rod, the next time you speak or ever speak to that woman tell her to go watch Brokeback Mountain and watch how a wife handles the fact that her husband sleeps with other men. ! Its a dog fight going on , to see who can 'kill' who. Lets watch the soap opera and see who will jump over the cliff!


Nice interview Rod... She sounds like a hurt woman, gives me a new perspective on her...


i cant wait to read the whole interview. i read jonathon plummer's story. i give clikque credit for giving him a chance to explain himself but no matter how you frame it, he cheated. and he lied. im glad he is free from his closet but look what he did to her. im sorry. im on her side.


Actually, I don't know what to believe, its a sad, sticky situation for both.


Sounds like Terry is bitter and upset at the fact that members of the black gay community support Jonathan, and that she wants to strip Jonathan of every little support he has left because she is bitter. Let it go, Terry, and move on. Let Jonathan live his life and you live yours.


I totally agree with you, jazzi. But I think Terry is trying to win the kids back. LOL. It ain't working, least not for me.

But a cheater is a cheater and a liar is a liar.


I don't feel a bit sorry for Miss Bitter McMillan. First off for someone that works in the entertainment industry, she has had to of had her fair share of contact with gay men. How in the hell did she not know that man was gay. The first time I saw his picture the first thing that came to my mind was girl... Then the second thought was he is cute and them lips look kind of tastey :) I used to think that Terry McMillan was a gifted writer. Now I see that all she basically does is bundle up her drama and but it on a page. Hasn't anyone else ever noticed that she only comes out with a book when her life is a mess. There is enough stress and strife in the world as is. That's probably why her book isn't selling. That woman has some nerve trying to sue him for liable when everytime you turn around she's flinging insults like live grenades and bringing up how she fears that he could have infected her with HIV. Can you be any more melodramatic. Somebody needs to tell her to simmer down and take a rice break. Bitter McMillan has fallen off her thrown and now she is using any desperate means she can to claw her way back up. Stay down bitch!


The only man she's ever called a faggot was Jonathan Plummer (and all of his "faggot ass friends")... And Jonathan knows it... (And so do we and everyone who watched that episode of Oprah and listened to the message you left on his voice mail.) Yeah girl, you're gay friendly. So is Oprah when she getting her hair done.


Jonathan cheated but people are forgetting the fact (or do not know) that TERRY DID TOO. She admitted it and it is public knowledge. She rubbed it in his face. She may have cheated before he did. As to "the only man she called a faggot" was him (and his friends), for someone so "gay friendly" that is one person too many. If they have her on tape saying this stuff, how can she sue for libel, defamation of character etc? Of course he is pimping her fame; that's the only thing the bitch left him. As for what he did to her behind closed doors... I have no idea. But what she did is public knowledge because she stupidly did it very publically and he was smart enough to document it and make it be known.
At the end of day she refuses to let it go and move on. To be honest, I am disappointed in Clik for even give this melodramtic, he could have given me HIV, epithet hurling crackpot equal time. Guess they were giving her another venue to put her foot in her mouth. Again.

Mark Norris

My take on this issue is that, like others have said in this comment section, Terry use "faggot" one too many times for us to believe that she does not have any homophobia in her blood. It reminds me of when I was a little boy and my parents sent me to Catholic school. I was one of only a hand full of Black kids in this ridiculous school, so quite naturally I had white friends. Everything was cool except when I pissed them off. Then I was all kinds of "nigger" this and that.

I would not be surprised if black men or women who marry or exclusively date white men or women don't get called the "n" word wheather in person or behind their backs.

Terry needs to move on, just like some of you said. The way that she is going she won't be satisfied until she sees Jonathan in the street homeless. There are a lot of black women, and maybe some white women too, that are chummy, chummy with gay men when they are doing thier hair, or filling them in on gossip (especially when it involves a potential man for them). And yes, I believe the queen bee herself, Oprah, is one of those women. I have watch all of her shows that involve a gay theme and she has some questionable acts.

Jonathan is out of the closet and what is not even considered, except by us of course, is that it is not an easy thing coming out...PERIOD. So, in my opinion, I don't blame him for doing what he had to do to try to be at peace with himself. What Terry should be outraged about is why Jonathan had to lie. HOMOPHOBIA. Use your anger to defeat that Ms. McMillan


Don Cole

I think the author has suffered enough of the deception of her former husband and the media exposure of her personal life. Which no author wants made public; Support her cause if you feel it is just or encourage Jonathan even though, I feel he was deceptive and no ethics or integrity in his relationships. God help all of us to be more clear and honest with each other strait or gay.


Terry needs to seriously stop.

I supported her, now she seems like a stark raving bitch.

Why does she keep coming back?

Terry is really out of her league now with her efforts of trying to get support from the gay community. She probably never picked up Clik magazine until she knew it could be advantageous for her. She has further isolated herself from the gay community by stating that "she did not put her husband in the closet". However, she had not problems calling him a "f_g" in an effort to further keep him in a painful place. I would buy her husband's book before ever purchasing one of hers.

Myron Hewitt

Why should we feel sorry for him, that's the problem with undercover gay men. Has anyone thought of the risk he put her in. In this day and age he should be sued for reckless endangerment. I am a black gay man, and I totally agree with Terry. It's not right, and it's not O.K. He should be held accountable for his actions. Anything he gets is to good for him. I say get a rope and hang him!!


I think Terry McMillan just joined this discussion under the name Myron Hewitt :)


Several of you brothers on here are pathetic. You are the same ones that cry foul when they same type of man screws you over. Jonathon knew what he was doing. He was a grown man. He chose to get away with a fraud, and rather than be honorable and move on quietly and attempted to get money from Terri. I understand why she is fighting this brother. He lacks character and integrity.

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