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31 March 2006



Not all racial separation is racist, true. But some of it, a good deal of it, is.

Derrick from Philly

If you shot two old putas then you wouldn't have so many sons of putas in Peru.

Derrick from Philly

"extreme homosexuality"
What if we showed the Bohamians movies with subtle homosexuality like "Black Workout" or "Black Glory Holes"



Since you are under 'house arrest'
for your 'vital' attraction to the one and only Tyson--one is TOO
MUCH, a thousand [others] aren't enough--I would love to be your
paparazzo to satisfy, what I share
also, that is, one can never have
enough of Tyson! Ahhh! Ummm! Ohhh!
Just get me the press creds!

On D.C. having a "Prostitute Free
Zone": D.C. and Capitol Hill police would have to empty out
Congress! Now, there's a case for
House [& Senate] arrest, starting
with loitering for solicitation for all 50 states...they could go
to the bunker and work with VICE PIMP Cheney!


Peru - The mother of this politican should not be acknowledge from any point. Her remarks could be executed by any numerous narrow minded individual. Leaving me to believe, this individual is not of "Human" acceptance of any difference.


Segregation...is a choice to made for whom ever choose. I am greatful for a community to cater of my total well being. I enjoy the company of all race of people. Just perhaps sometimes in my arena of social outlets. I believe religion is anyone own faith in a higher power. Just remember it God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost which sustains all, with love and forgiveness.

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