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21 March 2006



I'm glad to hear that at least there is a break in the case. The media and police swarmed over the case of the white female NY grad student who was murdered and there is a suspect already. The investigation that Dateline NBC did on her you would have thought it was a CSI episode. My heart goes out to her loved ones, but Rashawn's spotlight should be just as bright.

taylor Siluwé

i hope they find that bastard. if it is him, at least its some serial killer still lurking the streets of Brooklyn.

this little bit of news is great after such a long dry spell. and totally agree with everything Otis said.

Rashawn had two strikes against him on the media frenzy scale ... he as black, AND he was gay. The only reason he got any media attention was the gruesome nature of the crime.

And that headline ... the Post should be ashamed.


It is a shame that the Brazell murder did not garner the media spotlight like others. We know why. Hopefully this clue will bring a little justice to what is a sad case.


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