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27 March 2006


taylor Siluwé

No you didn't go back to 'Dallas' LOL!

But seriously, we all know this show is gonna be a big load of crap (like most of BET these days) with a steaming side of bullshit.

But far be it for me to pre-judge. We shall see.


I think the only people who get tired of this subject are gay and bisexual men. As a gay woman, I know of plenty of "DL" supposedly straight and married WOMEN. I think their tails need to get exposed just like these brothas got exposed that are creepin' on sistahs. Pull your heads out the sand....the shyt has been going on and it's about time it comes to light.

I will TiVo this special and wait to read the irrate comments from gay/bi black men the next day.

Roger Pollard

I'm just more than a little skeptical of any project involving J.L. King. He is making a profit off of all this sensationalism and using scare tactics to inflame the sisters. I will give him his props: he is one master manipulator.


jl king is a hott mess and thats all i got to say.this special won't be nothing new that hasn't already been talked about wayyyyyyyyy too much.if you don't know by now what dl is about then something is wrong with that picture

Andrew in Seattle

Post-Gay? Ahem.

I suppose asking the articulate Down-Low-Hype Debunker Keith Boykin, author of Beyond the Down Low, to weigh in would spoil the party. What a Shame (no pun intended) that the hysterics continue.


Why wont this go away? I am sick and tired of hearing the words "down low" outside of the context of the old R. Kelly classic (cuz i loves me that song). As a member of a panel of Queer and Ally students that held open discussions with groups across my campus and also as a black woman, I was asked far more times than I can count, how I felt about black men on the DL. And each time I wanted to choke the shit out of the person asking.

BET is sad, sad network and while it purports to advance black people and culture, it does us no good. None.

Harlm Artist

I am so tired of the term "down low" being exclusively used to describe closeted black men. The "DL" has come to mean BLACK men who are cheating on their BLACK women, who are possibly carrying HIV and passing it on to their women. It's become ALL of that. White men who are doing the same thing are SIMPLY "in the closet", which has become in my opinion " ...Oh, it's alright, he just hasn't figured out he's gay yet." Why have we ACCEPTED this (DL) definition to soley describe black men? It used to mean ANYTHING that ANYONE did undercover. Wake up black folks, stop feeding the fire. A lie is a lie, a cheat is a cheat. We are lying and cheating ourselves by continually accepting double standards. Why is a white man STEALING food in New Orleans "trying desparetly to feed his family", and a black man in the same store STEALNG, "looting"?
Feel me?


yes harlemartist i fell ya. i said something similar to this over at www.blackgayblooger.com, where he has this hilarious minute-by-minute recap of this BET "special"

another thing: why is a movie like "brokeback mountain" hailed as a damn love story, where two WHITE DUDES cheat on their damn wives and when some black men behave similarly, they are called predatory, deviant sex fiends? damn let Brokeback star 2 black dudes, raheim and rod:) and it would not have been as well received as the original.

i tell you, i'm getting real sick of this shit



I know J.L.King's former Publicist and after not being paid for months he dropped him. For a shallow, over-blown, one-trick pony he is sure is dragging out his 15-minutes by including his ex-wife in the special. Oh, and Terry, even a 7-year-old could have known that Jonathan was gay! Just look at those plucked eyebrows and dicksucking lips! He kinda looks like the puppet from Madam and Flowers.

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