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20 April 2006



Why would Wonder Woman be a gay icon? What does Wonder Woman have to do with gayness and why would gay guys identify with a female superhero? Just wondering....

Derrick from Philly

Javier: I don't want to start no trouble, BUT a lot of gay men have such a phobia about being labeled "effeminate" that they have a "Dr Jeckel/Mr Hyde" response to questions like yours. A feminine gay male will answer, "because when I was a little boy, I wanted(or thought I wanted) to be a girl...and so,I loved female images in movies and televsion." A gay MAN will say, "oh, I don't know why I used to like Wonder Woman when I was a kid."
And that's all right 'cause I aint arguin' with no gay/SGL/DL men about their self-image (or their childhood self-images) no mo'. Youse all mens to me, men.


Most "gay icons" are women. That's not to say Wonder Woman herself is gay, but not unlike a lot of "divas", her mere existance "speaks" to a lot of gay men.

It's the same reason a lot of us idolize Madonna and Janet, Lil' Kim and MJB, Liza with a Z, Jenifer Lewis and Margaret Cho, and even Miss Piggy, believe it or not. They give us life.

The real "why" may be, and I can only speak for myself, is that I really didn't identify with a lot of hyper-masc images in the media. That doesn't make me any less of a man, but it was the quick-witted, multi-talented, multi-faceted and gorgeous women on television that made me laugh, cry and smile.

None of this, of course, made me want to don a tiara, but for pure entertainment value, these women are worth the adoration.

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