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28 April 2006



The Rosie news was surprising. I used to watch Rosie's talk show daily. She was funny and had great guests.

It'll be interesting to see how she fares on a stage with other hosts. I'm not a regular viewer of The View. But I'll check it out once she's on it.


I read 50 Cent's recent interview with the Associated Press' ERIN CARLSON, and I am very disappointed, yet not totally surprised about his bashing of Oprah Winfrey via the media, which is, of course, eating up this 'juicy' story. It's a bit stupid being this way with one of the most powerful (black) women in the world.

50 Cent is apparently upset that Oprah does not often invite rappers on her show, though he claims "Oprah's audience is my audience's parents... So, I could care less about Oprah or her show." If he doesn't care about her show, then why is he complaining about not being invited on it. That doesn't make sense. I think he and others are bitter about Oprah not allowing them to perpetuate their negative, violent, sexist, brainless, stereotypical image of black males on her show, and I don't blame her. These rappers and the music industry behind them, have the rest of the media, that is more than happy to help them continue to stereotype and put down the minds of black young people.

It's Oprah show, and she has a right to invite whom she wants and not invite whom she wants. Who is 50 Cent?! He became a so-called 'star' just yesterday! Get a grip, that's such a sense of entitlement!

We are probably the only people who use a term ("nigga") that was used to dehumanize and torture our ancestors, now as a term of so-called 'endearment'. I think we as black people have the lowest self-esteem of all races. Anyone who tries to promote the dignity and pride we should have as a people, and the fact that we should show respect for our black women and children, is shot down and ironically accused of being "against the community," when in fact that person is standing up for the community.

Don't you think white supremacists and other racists in our society and the world enjoy seeing black men being portrayed as sexist, homophobic, brainless sex addicts, and black women being called "bitches" and "hoes" in rap videos? Of course, they do! After all, we are now oppressing our own selves through our own culture. Young black boys and girls now think that that part of hip-hop culture defines who they are, which is sad. Not all of hip-hop music is negative and bad. There is some of it that is positive (such as recent hits from LL Cool J, Mary J. Blige, Will Smith, etc.). However, the music industry and media ensures that the negative images of yourselves dominate the airwaves, and as fools we play into it as artists and music buyers.

Oprah comes from a time where she is fully aware of the tremendous sacrifices our ancestors paid (including slavery, death and humiliation) so that we can enjoy whatever freedoms and possibilities we have now. And like other conscientious leaders in the black community, she hates the idea that we are playing into the hands of the original oppressors once again without even realizing it.

50 Cent, smell the roses (or whatever non-drug substance you want to smell)! Some of us just revel in ignorance, and think it is so 'cool' -- that's unfortunate. You are being used, and you don't even know it.

Become a part of the solution for saving our community, not a part of the problem! You can do all the charity work you want for good public relations, but it is counterproductive if the rest of your efforts and work denigrate instead of uplift our people.

God bless.

Derrick from Philly

What would 50 Cents and the other Rappers talk about? Trying to maintain your image as a strong tough black man when you're always on the "bottom".
Oh, y'all pay me no mind. I'm just to old to appreciate Rap and Hip Hop and all that mess they call music.


Wow. We blacks have reduced ourselves to judgment huh? Oprah has child molestors, rapists, racists, con artists on her show. But a rapper? Noooooooooo! Nobody says you have to accept their lifestyle but why not invite them on the show and have them talk about their lifestyle? I know why. Because the white women in Iowa who make up most of her audience would be offended. If Oprah found out that her audience would suddenly respond to 50 cents, she would have him on quicker than you think. It's all business people.

Sick of it all

Our people need to learn to uplift ourselves. I am so sick of black people and their God stuff. A god that your white master forced you to accept. We still think like slaves. We are so gullable. 50 cents has taken himself out of the ghetto. His has made millions. He found a way to get out of the ghetto and not become a statistic. He may have sold out, his lyrics may be rough and decadent but he has used the world he suffered in to help him get out. I applaud him.

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