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14 April 2006



What next in Nigeria.This country is clamping down on it's citizens rights and ignoring the most glaring problem which has led to decay and this the issue of corruption and need not go to deep into the subject as investigations has put Nigeria close to the Numero Uno Spot.Testing in-mates will prove nothing as Aids is not a homosexual disease only but is brought about by many factors.What will the punishment be if found to be HIV positive,death by firing squad?


It's intresting that so many people became outraged over the CBS/St. Maarten incident when this routinley happens to gay men and lesbians in the islands. Love your site.

Derrick from Philly

Why is it that Africans can't seem to realize that they took on the worst traits of their European and Arab oppressors? I don't care if I never get to see the Motherland...and I ain't talkin' about Georgia or Alabama.

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