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07 April 2006



The producer of these ads has been a gay black man? I don't think you have ever mentioned that. Wow.

Logo is no very safe gay programming, Noah's Arc was as steamy as it got. And that show ... let's not even start.


It may be hard out here for a pimp,but apparently harder for a church ad.


LOGO is boring anyway, who really watch that network with all that popcorn white programs? I only turn on that station to watch the new episodes of Noah's Arc and then I quickly turn off of the station when it goes off. UCC should reaslly be glad anyway, why would they want to be on that dry ass station beats the hell out of me!

L.  Michael Gipson

What is unclear is how, BET, a Viacom owned entity is able-and has chosen-to air the UCC ad but LOGO, BET's sister station cannot? Sounds as though Logo chose not to air it, but is hiding behind the Viacom label so as not to piss off its core audience. LOGO should experience a major backlash from gays for such conservatism. Hold your friends close...


This is ridiculous. Thanks for the update. I didn't know that the producer was black. You're all over this one. PS, this site really is fierce.

Andy in Seattle

Simply put, ya gotta be fuggin kiddin.

Claude Wynne

Meanwhile the other gay network here!, which doesn't have commercials (or censor its programming), has decided to http://news.ucc.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=523&Itemid=1 target=_blank>show the UCC ad for free.

I saw the previews of Noah's Arc and it was a much better program before LOGO made them take out the sex scenes. The sexy scenes were also some of the funniest.

I understand that as a basic cable station, especially in the current political climate, they have to be careful what they show. However, they could have different standards after 10PM. Look at what FX shows, or SpikeTV or MTV itself, for that matter. Moreover, they could make uncensored versions of their shows and movies available on the internet, whether via their own site, iTunes, Google Video, the Akimbo Video-on-Demand player, movielink, YouTube, etc. There are plenty of options out there now.

I've never accepted the false dichotomy of movement versus market. The fact is, we are both. We can use our market power to advance the movement. In this case we should say to Viacom, if you want gay viewers (and gay money) you need to be responsive to the community. It may be time to discuss a boycott.

Daddy Bear

If you still haven't seen it, check it out at


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