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09 April 2006



hey rod..felix's bulge is ALLRIGHT with me,ok? :) he can't help it that he's blessed downstairs and that tight mesh/spandex one piece he's wearing can't handle the thickness that is Felix Sanchez's manhood..!!!

all i know is that that's MORE than enough for me to play with...;)

Derrick from Philly

What's the reason these track 'n field guys give for wearing those spandex things. Is it that there suppose to provide greater flexibility? Or is it just to punish and torture middle-aged queens like me? What a pretty papi.

Derrick from Philly

By the way, we're having a big rally here in Philly today concerning the immigration issue. I want more immigration from the Dominican Republic--a lot more. And total amnesty for all Dominican brothers already here...oh, the girls too. Tell them Philadelphia is a great place to settle.


Yes lord....lol

Waddie G.

yum, yum, yum...he is now in my Top 10 men...maybe Top 5!!!


Rod, as usual, you give us the full, whole story...the pix of Felix in 'spandix' is worth more than a 1000 words in Wikipedia!

Last year, the NY Daily News had
an evening of stars honoring about
a dozen Dominicans, including Mr.
Felix "Invincible" Sanchez.

His photos, as most Black or well endowed, especially athletes of color, in full, form-fitted suits,
are uniformly cropped: visually
castrated from viewers' own normal
curious consciousness to the homophobic, erotic cutting room floor.

Felix's other nickname "Diktator"
[sic], however, is quite fitting,
as such. I'd love Felix to be my anchor on two-man relay team: exchanging pure gold batons...
cumming in first, together...
a person-to-person platinum prize:

Aye carumba, Rod! OUT-door season
has already begun! Who's next!!!
I'd welcome Rod's "Gallery of Runners!" Felix IS sooo fine!!!

Yet, at the end of the day: YOU always cum in FIRST across my own finish line!!! Thanx, ROD!!!

Red69Black69 @ 12:33 am

Mark Norris

Wow!!!! God is good, God is good!!!!


I have long loved those pics of Felix. Thanks Rod. Keep it up.


As tasty as 'that' looks... I would have to see if he is a show-er or grow-er before going all ga-ga in the mouth.


Ok, Joseph to the back of the line. I'll test him for you, Joseph. I just bet he'll make me go ga-ga in the mouth, and go smoothly in back. The man is simply spectacular.

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