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06 April 2006


Kevin C

Is he another one of these dudes who's still pissed he couldn't get any play at Ronnie's Steakhouse from back in the day?

Kevin C


I'm proud to say I was part of that group (Church of the Open Door, Affinity, etc) in 2003 that drove down to his state senate office in Calumet City IL to urge him to meet with Black lesbians and gays. Of course he was not there. So we marched with our signs, sang, chanted, and prayed. We made signs urging him to support legislation protecting gays in IL. We had posters acknowledging Bayard Rustin and his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. But we were ignored.

I channel surf on Sunday mornings and often catch Meeks’ televised service. I find myself in agreement on many of his teachings about the need for increased educational funding for Black schools, the effects of the legacy of Slavery, and how the Black vote is taken for granted in the Dem Party. Then at some point in the sermon he starts gay bashing. About a month ago he criticized "The Hollywood Jews for bringing us Brokeback Mountain."

I question Jesse Jackson Sr. & Jr. in picking Meeks for VP of PUSH when he does not share their progressive agenda. Meeks is correct in that White conservatives should vote for him based on anti-choice/gay rights. But these are the same conservatives that would keep his Black ass in the back of the bus. Homophobia makes strange bedfellows.


The question that comes immediately to mind is how much Meeks is getting paid for all of this.

It’s one thing for Meeks to do this, and another for a dozen Chicago aldermen to be his enablers. What is their excuse?

Black or white, we have to face facts: This is one sick, m—f—ing country.

Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see a day when racism is a thing of the past—if you're a gangster, you're *in*, no matter what your skin color is. (The Bush administration is a bit like that already.)

Mel Smith

Straight black folks have benefited from the great works of black gays such as George Washington Carver, Bayard Rustin, Alain Locke, Audre Lorde, Lorraine Hansberry, Claude McKay and many others. We have let them equate our sexuality to dirt. Therefore, we must never let them forget the sexual orientation of those famous black people.

Chuck Tinker

I am delighted that James Meeks is considering a run for Governor. It would be the best thing for Illinois in the last 100 years. Meeks is a real man. A man of understanding, principle, and courage. Peoples' reaction to his talk about running is interesting. Those who oppose him for governor are almost always misguided to the right or the left.


Isn't Christianity about Spirituality? All this con-artist seems to be interested in is politics and power and marginalizing one group for his own personal benefits. He hardly seems Christian to me. The thing is you always hear people asking "What would Jesus do?" And I doubt that Jesus would so involved in this grab for power and esteem.

These days you see pastors driving expensive cars and living in mansions and preaching about this "sowing a seed for a bountiful harvest" movement, where they want their members to donate loads of cash to their ministry (and inevitably their pockets) in hopes that these foolish souls will receive some kind of miracle.

However, conartists like this guy only succeed if gullible people support them, and I think our community depend too much on the chuch to tell them what to do. We do not think for ourselves and thats why we will always be imbeciles under the care of these con-artists, who have been manipulating us and our forfathers even back in the day. Telling the slave that heaven will be his redemption from slavery and in the meantime he must love his master and not escape and not cause trouble. Even Martin Luther King was at a deadline in terms of support from backward thinking church leaders of the day, who thought it best to just keep quiet and live and pathetic life under segregation. For if the people are stupid and ignorant they are easier to control and manipulate into giving them all thei money.

John Norris

Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama Regarding Reverend James Meeks

John Norris writes an open letter to Senator Obama, requesting that Obama sever his ties to the Reverend James Meeks, whom Norris describes as "stridently anti-gay."


Check the letter out, please contact me if interested in co-signing it.


John Norris

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