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08 April 2006



LOVE Monique..yea Phat Girlz might be horrible, but MAJOR, MAJOR co-sign on Jimmy Jean Louis..woo dayam! ill have to see this when im at my sister' sin pittsburgh this coming weekend...

But I lov eMonique. Despite the critics, she truly is a symbol of self acceptance, if you ask me. She's clearly comfortable with being a big girl, and in turn she serves as a role model of sorts for women and maybe even men who are struggling with their weight....

And I do see the connections she's making between gay men and fat women...

Phat Girlz may not be daring or edgy, but it looks like it will be a funny piece of fluff. and sometimes, that's all you need. Ill have to pair that off with a screening of Silent Hill too. :)


Jimmy Jean Louis is probably the only reason I'd be interested in seeing the movie. Though I think I'll wait till it hits DVD.


Mo'Nique wasn't always a hit with the gays, and it could have just been a product of the times...but if you listen to her routine during the Queens of Comedy tour -- it's a little disheartening.


When will we Phat Boys get some love?


hey rod - the Advocate interview isn't working for me (Mac/Safari)...

...went to see a Parkers taping late in the final season and Mo spotted my shiny bald head in the crowd during a break and the second question after "What's your name, sweetie?" was "You gay?"

Love her.


And how does she explain the homophobic elements of Soul Plane?

taylor Siluwé

I love Ms. Girl. The movie is on my agenda.

Actually, everyone should go see this movie. Any celeb who LOVES us the way she does should get our support.

Maybe the movie is not to your taste, then take someone who would enjoy it.

Like Ryan said, she's a 'symbol of self-acceptance' ... and a role model that this homo-phobic society can learn from.

Let's prop ol' girl up, big-time. GO SEE THE MOVIE!!

If I know Monique, you're sure to get a belly laugh or two. But at the very least ... you can always write it off on your taxes as ACTIVISM.

When they show love, we gotta love back.



I love Mo'. Showtime at the Apollo isn't the same without her.

Mo'Nique rodgers

mo'nique is ight thats my gurl ilove watching her on da parkers thats my show i told my mom that i can't wait till i meet her or queen latifah besides she is truely inspirational

Mo'Nique rodgers

Mo'Nique is truely some one to make u throw up after you eat if you watching her she make u laugh like nobody's bussiness but she is kool people i will love to juss spend a day or 2 wit her and her family

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