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06 April 2006



Imagine if Jonathan Plummer had come out in Jamaica.


The Gleaner and Observer comments are hollow.The entire culture of the country opposes gay civil rights.They are meant to sound compassionate to a minority they would as soon shed.

Mama JunkYard

I can't work out what is sadder about the story on Kenya and homosexuality...

The fact a cabinet minister can voice such homophobic views

Or the fact she can voice those views and not be challenged?


I am shocked and surprised at the actions of the students, I would like to think that they would know better...these same students are the first to protest about their rights. What is this world coming to??? tsk tsk!

Mel Smith

Gays need to stop running and start fighting back! Bullies only respect people who fight back.

Mad Professah

Good coverage of the Jamaican homophobic mob story, Rod!


Im all for standing your ground,but im sure more than one student was chasing him.That brutha alone could not fight a raging homophobic mob.Had he not ran they may very well have killed him.


Well from the perpective of a student here at the university of the west indies, the guy really couldn't do anything. What the Gleaner and the Observer failed to report was that the guy was surrounded by no more than 3000 students all wanting to see harm done to him. The sad reality is that being anything remotely gay in Jamaica means that your life is in danger.

Mel Smith

I guess you guys are right but you can also fight back with words, groups, and strong organizations. That is so uncivilize behavior at a university. They are just making God into a complete monster. That's why I'm agnostic. Too many evil people scream his/her name.

Derrick from Philly

What's so astonding is that everyone I know who still vacations in Jamaica says that homosexual activity is so easy to find (they always point out the lynchings of gay people here in the US). So, Jamaican people let the gay tourists have a ball, while they lynch their own gay Jamaicans. Also, what if a boy has feminine ways and mannerisms, and cannot put on a masculine facade. He's just doomed, I suppose.

I used to fantasize there being a massive boycott of the Caribbean (except for the Spanish speaking islands) by gays and friends of gays, but how would that help Caribbean gay people?


I disagree with the violent reaction of my schoolmates. however gays in jamaica need to realise that have no other choice but to remain closeted because we are a violently homophobic people.Jamaican values are opposed to these type of unnatural happenings.Homosexuality is unsightly and as a jamaican i prefer those individuals to keep their repulsive personal business to themselves. it makes no sense getting rid of this problem because men will always deviate from the norm,the accepted standard. however the laws of jamaica make this lifestyle choice illegal because it opposes our general value system. jamaican gays stay in the closet if you like your life. we dont need any more drama, and dont hit on anyone you dont know to be gay, the result wont be wonderful for you!


Derrick, you are a raging fool. Can you keep your stupid comments in the closet? Dont shove your religious views down our throats.


patrina, you are so third world. Why don't you see things as the developed world do? Are you going to live off bible stupidity? Oh you so rich.


patrina, you are so third world. Why don't you see things as the developed world do? Are you going to live off bible stupidity? Oh you so rich.


patrina, you are so third world. Why don't you see things as the developed world do? Are you going to live off bible stupidity? Oh you so rich.

Voice of Reason

ok I have to say that as an in-coming UWI student I am afraid for my life, not for being gay but for having to face such open and brazen intolerance. It makes me wonder what would have happened if someone had expressed different political views or taste in music. What if I, as an Eastern Caribbean person say Soca is better than Reggae?...Will I have 3,000 angry Jamaicans chasing me accross campus?
Jamaicans need to understand that their intolerance of everything different is not doing them any good at all. they are one of the poorest countries in the caribbean with a dollar that is worth nothing. The intolerance and violent ways MUST play into that is some way...think about it. You'd be surprised.
Derrick, i am surprised to see that you are a university student yourself with such ignorant ideals. You mention that gays should remain closetted. If you were in a society that embraced homosexuality could you keep your attraction for women a secret?
What if you accidentally hit on a woman who was lesbian...should you be persecuted by 3,000 people for it?

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